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La Mancha W4

It’s taken us almost a year to get to La Mancha on Chiswick High Road, and almost as long to write-up this blog, but on a Saturday night a few months ago, we went along with friends to celebrate a birthday.   809 more words

Restaurant Reviews

word: whorl


Definition: (noun) A form that coils or spirals; a curl or swirl. Synonyms: curlicue, gyre, ringlet, roll Usage: He … made each individual line of the bewildering maze of whorls or curves or loops … stand out bold and black by reinforcing it with ink. Discuss.

Waiting for Dulcinea

Herbert was anxious for the return of St. Peter. Pulling vacation relief for him at the pearly gates had gone rather smoothly. There was a little excitement when Death showed up for a practical joke but most of the time the job was pretty mindless. 728 more words



‘Demasiada cordura puede ser la peor de las locuras, ver la vida como es y no como debería de ser’

‘Too much sanity may be madness.

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Don Quijote's Evil Giants

When you first see the windmills on the great hill of Consuegra you will remember Don Quijote.

He thought they weren’t windmills but evil giants standing haughtily in front of him; and he bravely tilted his lance and charged. 457 more words