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Opening Day hustle and bustle: An operatic anthem

By Cary Osborne

Inside the Vin Scully Press Box at 10:17 a.m., the people inside received a treat. Two members of the LA Opera trio, Joshua Guerrero and James Creswell, practiced their rendition of the national anthem with accompaniment from Dodger organist Nancy Bea Hefley. 203 more words

Opening Day National Anthem à LA Opera

By Cat Belanger

Opening Day is an event that exudes history and tradition. One way to honor this theme is through the National Anthem, which will be performed this year by bass James Creswell, tenor Joshua Guerrero and bass Stephen Powell of the LA Opera. 82 more words

Dodger Stadium

Good Opera, Bad Production

Last night I went to the opera, not a typical Wednesday night for me.  I studied Set Design in grad school so there were plenty of operas thrown my way to theoretically play around with and I’ve seen my share over the years, but the expense and lack of venues offering operatic productions make this  kind of outing one that is few and far between. 315 more words