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La tomatina - painting the wall red with tomatoes!

If you are traveling through Europe in the month of August, be sure to make your way to Buñol, Spain for the tomato festival – not to be missed if you are here to experience the unique festivals of Europe. 292 more words

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In Spanje is het feestje!

”Ola señor y señorita, y bienvenidos en España! Voor degenen onder ons die niet vloeiend Spaans spreken: welkom in Spanje! Deze week bevinden we ons in Buñol, voor hèt feest van het jaar in Spanje: La Tomatina! 417 more words

(UPDATED) Sunday's Meet The Press Is Being Pre-Empted...

…for live coverage of La Tomatina in Spain. Well, actually the obscure sporting event that NBC is using this week to bury the dead is The Ryder Cup, so good for them. 263 more words

Death Of The Media

La Tomatina

No one could grab the ham. Out of the thousands of young able bodies, not one of them was able to climb the soap stick and grab the bag of ham before time ran out. 885 more words

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La Tomatina

Put twenty-two thousand sweaty, wet people in a confined street and bombard them with over ripe tomatoes and you get mess. A lot of mess. But fun mess. 505 more words

La Tomatina

I’m assuming that most of you missed it. I missed it too; the difference is that while I knew it was coming up, you probably didn’t. 633 more words

You Say Tomato, I say La Tomatie!

Flying sucks.

With a train, you just rock up at the station and hop on. But a plane? Check in, bag drop, security, blah blah blah. 2,144 more words