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Singing in the rain featuring Pacido Domingo

When I left Paris I checked the weather for Italy and was thoroughly disappointed to see the forecasted thunderstorms and rain. However, other than on the evening of my arrival, the weather has been fabulously hot and sunny… 556 more words

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ultima notte in italia | la traviata

ending my trip to italy with la traviata / palci con cena at teatro salone margherita <est. 1898> \ with new friends & travel companions


un bel di

July 2014

July 9: San Francisco Opera MADAME BUTTERFLY

A selfish American naval lieutenant who marries a Japanese child bride knowing he will never see her again once he leaves Japan. 1,796 more words

Picnic like a pro

I don’t have much of a inner Martha Stewart. I couldn’t channel her for a DIY picnic blanket. While researching online, I came across a cute Kate Spade picnic blanket that read “You Are Here”… for those who lose their place and can’t find their way back to their spot. I would have ordered it but it was too small, not large enough to share, but I like the idea.

Sitting on the baseball field at AT&T park, with 20,000 others, listening to the free simulcast of the SF Opera, La Traviata was really fun. I loved the atmosphere. Many of the musicians in the orchestra, were sporting SF Giants gear. I don’t know any other opportunity where you get to sit in center field. My friend commented, that this event is very San Francisco… a Drag Queen sang the national anthem, we were all layered in several jackets, wearing beanies, gloves and wrapped in a fleece blanket — in July. Up-ing my game for the next evening outdoor event, I might consider bring a sleeping bag, or more creative comforts. It’s ok to just sit, but why not get cozy for 3 hours. Also, an actually picnic blanket wasn’t necessary. I should have just brought my blue tarp for the grass to avoid the dew, then put my fleece blanket over it to sit on, along with my camping thermarest pad. The next outdoor evening event will be movie night in Dolores Park, watching American Hustle.

Sunday, I went to watch the SF Symphony at the Stern Grove festival. It’s an outdoor amphitheater, in a beautiful grove, lined with terraces built with stone walls. It’s free and supported almost entirely by contributions/donations. I gave back by volunteering. Volunteers sit on reserved picnic tables by the members section. For only $150, as a member, you can have an entire picnic table for you and family, along with table service of drinks. I loved that kids could enjoy the symphony without being at the symphony. It was a great July 4th weekend.

San Francisco

Free Simulcast Of SF Opera’s La Traviata At AT&T Park

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Opera aficionados and baseball fans came together Saturday for a free live simulcast of Giuseppe Verdi’s “La Traviata” at AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants baseball team. 103 more words


Opera has marked so many important points in my life

Opera has marked so many important points in my life, it is like flags—Tristan & Isolde Night, Die Soldaten Night, Foscari in Brussels, La Traviata in Berlin with Schafer, La Traviata in Berlin with Bonfadelli, Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk Night. 56 more words

La Traviata

Mascara smudge marks dapple,
salted tears, stain my face.

Hasty departure,
step and stumble,
silver streaks of splitting silk,
dress tears and shreds.

I am the fallen woman. 37 more words