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the French are sucking the lifeblood out of me yet again. For some reason, they are simply incapable of the concept of customer service.

Today…when pointing out a minute error that I would like easily corrected, the girl simply said “désolée”. 289 more words

La Vie Française

The journey continues...

Bonsoir mes amis!

Finally, I will conclude my Spring break adventures so that I can begin to write about my last few weeks in Montpellier. Warning, this is one of the longest posts I have written, so you may want to read it in pieces, I have separated it by cities: Florence, Milan, and Nice. 3,256 more words

La Vie Française

I'm breaking up with you, CAF

I’m breaking up with you.

I’m sorry I didn’t say this in person. I just didn’t want to ruin the little time we were able to spend together. 716 more words


How not to teach students: The Troisième Edition

On the 19th April, I will be saying goodbye to my students and status as not-quite-qualified-yet-more-than-experienced-teacher for the very last time. To commemorate one of the more challenging years of my life, I have decided to write about how I managed to teach English as a foreign language to one of the most difficult age-groups in the history of the world. 1,156 more words


La vie en Rome : Pastas & Pizzas, Ruins & Riches

Hello again!


As promised, here is the Rome issue of the Spring Break blogs!


III. Rome (March 7th – March 11th)

We all departed from Trapani early Friday morning (March 7th) and caught an airplane to Rome ! 2,057 more words

La Vie Française

Wine bar for everyone!

Hello all,

Yes , I am struggling to get these all out but I promise they are on the way. Here goes my attempt to finish my spring break trip in one night. 1,034 more words

La Vie Française

The Painter Stole My Candy

After a weekend trip to Berlin last November, I returned to find the apartment above mine had a water leak and was causing the floor in mes toilettes to flood. 1,006 more words

La Vie Française