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The looooongest hangover: Empathy and the French Revolution

At this point in my life I’m big enough to admit that I’m quite a senstive person. This stems, in part, from the fact I possess a ridiculous amount of empathy. 2,668 more words

La Vie Francaise

When I took intercultural studies back at university, I remember feeling sure that I would lean toward a collectivist point of view rather than individualist.  I mean, I come from a collectivist culture and was surrounded by a whole lot of other collectivist cultures, so it makes sense that this would be my predominant mode of thinking.  1,660 more words

La Vie Francaise

One More Month in Paris

July 16. That’s the date we move back to New York, which happens to be exactly one month from today. I can’t believe my two-plus years have flown by so quickly…and that I have a mere month left. 483 more words

La Vie Française

Multiculturalism in France... or lack of......

I regularly attend the group ‘Cafe Citoyen’ (Citizens Cafe) which is run by a nationwide organisation by the name ‘La Nouvelle Arcadie’. Their purpose is to maintain, encourage, support and promote forums of debate, although not in the formal sense where you have the affirmative and opposing teams. 2,382 more words

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