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Tashaki Miyaki isn’t a Japanese man as you may have thought, but a trio from LA composed by drumming singer Lucy, bassist Dora and Rocky, their guitarist.  141 more words


The Versailles of Los Angeles

As close as I am to Beverly Hills, I rarely actually go over there for anything. I have come to associate BH with tourists, rich people who look down on the tourists, and Sprinkles Cupcakes. 474 more words


My Glorious Return to HOLLYWOOD

My favorite part of LA is that you can wear sunglasses anywhere and nobody looks at your like you’re some giant douche. You can wear them into shops. 2,719 more words


What's "Starred" on My Spotify?

Here’s a look into my personal Spotify files…..thought it would be interesting to share this random list of songs I’ve starred over the past few months. 86 more words


Who went to Coachella this year? I was there and it was amazing as usual. So many great artist were there to perform such as Land del Rey, Arcade Fire, Little Dragon, Calvin Harris and many many more. 45 more words


New Orleans - Part 4

April 22, 2014  -  Tuesday (continued)

The tour was good, but it didn’t really cover Bourbon Street, and I want to show it to Bill, who has never been to New Orleans. 152 more words

Places We Camped

Chicken Little

The sky is falling, the sky is falling – this is what I have been screaming for about a month now because of all the earthquakes happening around the world. 114 more words

Hell No