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News from the Nerd Herd back in Aberdeen

With the blog jam-packed with the daily updates, wonderful archaeology and (miraculously) blue skies of another field season, I thought I’d post a long-overdue update on all-things-isotope. 782 more words

Lab Work

Blood Work Done Today:

Had more lab work done today… when I got to the lab… they were all just sitting around waiting for someone to come in… I said:  “Wow, my lucky day.”  Normally, there is a long wait!  49 more words


Lab work

I learned how to measure free SO2 in wine this week! Had fun running these tests.

When the wine is fermenting in barrels, the addition of SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide) is important to prevent the wine from spoiling. 25 more words


The Life

I was up at 5:30 am this morning (it’s Saturday, by the way) putting the finishing touches on my NIH biosketch, learning about the NIH grants process, and analyzing qPCR data from yesterday before the baseball game (where I got to hangout in the club suites thanks to my PI). 13 more words

Doctoring School

I smell a (lab) rat

There are times in one’s life when we have to reinvent ourselves.  This has been one of those times for me.

I’m turning into a lab rat. 132 more words



One of the biggest differences I have noticed between working in the US and working in Switzerland is the attitude towards lunch and social time. When I have worked in the US you come to work, put in your 8 hours, usually take a short lunch (often at your desk), then you can leave and have your social life mostly outside of the office. 189 more words

Life In Lausanne

Let's not give up just yet. Change might be ahead.

After last month’s rough patch, things have -fortunately- improved a bit. Just at the time I was jaded about the wonderful world of academia, a few little things happened. 471 more words

Lab Work