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Meaning from Surface Finds

Post by Nate Jereb, PSU Undergraduate and Archaeology Lab Intern

I’ve been working on putting together procedures for cleaning and processing surface finds from Port Clarence. 207 more words

Lab Work

Potting away

The last three weeks of lab work have been quite intense and we are now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel (or I should say, the table tops underneath the boxes). 425 more words

Lab Work

JavaScript: Basic Constructs, Prompts and Functions (Lab 5)

Question # 01

Create a webpage that declares a variable, assigns a value to it, displays the value, changes the value, and displays the value again and print the values on the webpage. 741 more words

Lab Work

Brushing Rodent Teeth

Post by Kristin Leonard, PSU undergraduate and Archaeology Lab Intern

Every term that I have spent in Dr. Anderson’s lab has been a new learning experience. 168 more words

Lab Work

Post-Excavation News

Now that the preparations for this summer’s field season are underway, and anticipation for all the new and wonderful things we will be finding this year at Nunalleq is growing, it is perhaps a good time to show you some of the post-excavation work that has been going on during the winter. 328 more words

Lab Work

I spent the morning at the hospital. :-)

I had to be at the hospital at 8:00am for all my appointments. I skipped breakfast (fasting since midnight) then after dropping the little ones off at daycare I headed over to the hospital. 574 more words

Lab work

So this is just a quick update regarding what I’ve been doing in relation to my research.
Last week I spent the first few days in the lab cutting my rocks up so that they could be sent for various forms of analysis. 56 more words