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Tongue Wagging

Seems like it must have been a fun day, eh?


The root word: “Lab” — meaning: work.

Collaborate: To work together (co).

Elaborate: To tell more about, to work out the details.

Labor: Work.

Laborious: Strenuous, involving lots of work.


Thanks for coming!

- R


Laboratory Focus: Biological Techniques

PGSS 2014 students had to select one of four laboratories offered (Computer Programming, Physics, Chemistry or Biology).  Around 15 students chose to take the Biological Techniques laboratory offered by… 161 more words

NehruvianDOOM - OM

. The NehruvianDOOM LP drops September 23

Running ApE on Ubuntu 14.4

ApE is a free plasmid editor, convenient to plan a cloning experiment. The Linux version is not maintained anymore, but still runs on Ubuntu 14.4 (Mac and Windows versions are both maintained). 56 more words