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17sept class Follow Up

I veered from the plan. “More Better” came up. (That drives me to distraction)


We covered Superlative, Comparative, Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectivess. (Explained “state of being” To Be with much better results than before – repetition pays off) 301 more words

Class Status

Science 9: Sexual reproduction in Flowers

Sexual reproduction USUALLY involves two individuals, however some plants have specialized forms of sexual reproduction.  Please watch this video to prepare for your lab:

Label and know ALL parts of the flower as you watch. 11 more words

Playing Catch Up

It’s been about seven weeks since I last posted! That is too too long. I have been getting acclimated to life back in California. I’ve been to the beach a bunch, working, and spending time with friends. 183 more words

Working on lab electronics

T. Pilawski and G. Dumont attempting to set-up electronics for SIP measurements at the lab (surely success will come…).



GO to Course Materials under SKJ1033 and take actions on items #5, #6, and #7

Hump Day!

I’m referring of course to Wednesday. And what a wonderful Wednesday it has been. I missed crew and slept in (again), but I need the strength. 196 more words

Ready for the first patient

Soon we are ready to include the first patient in the OptimEx study. 180 patients will be recruited to the study from the university hospitals that are participating in the study, and they will be randomized into two exercise groups and one control group. 296 more words

Diastolic Heart Failure