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August 30th, 2014

How can everybody just sit around while I’m digging to China?

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Reaction of Milk Towards Indicators, Milk Coagulation, Action of Alkali in Milk

Milk used in the experiment:
Fresh milk, sour milk

Indicators used:
Litmus paper, Congo red, phenolphthalein

Reagent for milk coagulation:

Reagent for action of alkali:

Where did the time go?

Can you believe that the last post was pretty much a month ago? How? What? Seriously, how?

I have already completed a month of my elective – and this would be the halfway mark – but so much has happened which I’ve failed to post about. 312 more words


The Pharmacy Student and EXCUSES!!!

The average Pharmacy undergraduate knows and appreciates the value of a good excuse at the ‘’time of accountability’’. The moments of accountability vary. They range from being late to class, to presenting a lab report late, or even to when you dress up for a presentation and you forget to wear your pair of socks! 879 more words