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College Memories: Middle Eastern Derivative

Vertebrate Zoology is literally the greatest class I ever took at the University of Cincinnati.

It was also one of the most difficult.

We chronicled the evolution of the vertebrae through every taxa up to mammals. 657 more words

Connect to VM serial port with PutTTY

Sometimes, you find new features in tools that you are working with for years. Such a feature is to connect to serial ports of Virtual Machines with PuTTY. 153 more words


Dog tales

My dog is 10 months old now. He is the biggest dog on the block. That was rather unexpected – the first time we took him to the vet at 4 months, the doc said he was underweight and it looked like he didn’t expect Star to grow much. 427 more words

In “Ethical and Managerial Considerations Regarding State Physician Health Programs, ” Dr.’s J Wesley Boyd and John Knight note the significant and multiple conflicts of interest that exist between State Physician Health Programs and the referral treatment centers that they use.     2,792 more words

Tongue Wagging

Seems like it must have been a fun day, eh?


The root word: “Lab” — meaning: work.

Collaborate: To work together (co).

Elaborate: To tell more about, to work out the details.

Labor: Work.

Laborious: Strenuous, involving lots of work.


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