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in this shop of wide variety
it isn’t new to know new things
things that didn’t exist before
things that exist just now

i have this interest in knowing… 121 more words

You & Me

Why Taco Bell shouldn't call its workers' "champions"

Michael Jordan is a champion. Derek Jeter is a champion. Brandi Chastain is a champion. But Taco Bell’s cashiers?

According to a spokesperson, Taco Bell calls the people who prepare their food “food champions” and the people who tend the registers “service champions.” 648 more words

AuGUEST #1 Zareen: That Time Tomahawk told everyone I had lice

Pinch, punch, it’s the first day of the month! Happy AuGUEST everyone!

I was very lucky to have been Zareen’s first guest blogger on her blog over at… 1,227 more words


The positives & negatives of assigning labels

I’m for assigning labels to myself and other people if the label is accurate. In fact, they help us determine where one stands. I am a ‘voluntaryist’ which means I believe in win-win negotiation in a decentralized economy. 761 more words


Learn to ask “What?” in Life’s Times of Trials …

This past week I had an opportunity to discuss the journey that led me to grow my faith. Although I have just written about that journey in my self-published book, Asking What: No More Whys, this was yet another time to develop another area of my faith. 548 more words


Who Am I?

Who am I? What am I? I wish I had a simple answer to those questions, like the people who confidentely state “I’m a writer” or “I’m an actor”; “I’m reserved,” or “I’m outgoing.” I mean I know that no one is really that simple; no one is a mere summation of monochromatic traits. 494 more words


Labels and Lies

I have asked a few of my friends to write posts on the labels Christians use. This post is by Peter Horne.

Confession: I like to use labels. 765 more words