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Happiness battleground: an agile world of chained sprints versus a determined world of free spirits

The following is a good summary of Aristotle’s notion of the ultimate good of happiness:

“The god” or best good is that which is desired for its own sake and for the sake which we desire all other ends or goods.

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Labor Force Participation

If You Want to Gauge the Health of the Job Market, Focus on Employment rather than Unemployment

For the past several years, on the issue of jobs, I’ve focused more on the employment-population ratio rather than the official unemployment rate.

Both figures are important, of course, but I think the employment-population ratio has more economic meaning since our prosperity ultimately is based on how many people are productively employed. 623 more words


Workforce participation and the passion for work

The Labor Department reports that in December 2014 the economy added  large number of new jobs and that continued the decline in unemployment rate.  While this represents good news for the economy, this WSJ report also points out that the weakness in the fact that there is no corresponding growth in wages.   2,351 more words

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Cheap gas may take the sting out of falling wages

The jobs report released by the Labor Department on Friday was pretty much more of the same. Job growth was strong, the unemployment rate fell, and wage growth was nowhere to be seen. 553 more words


The Real State of Employment in the US

As many articles in recent weeks have pointed out, the rate of unemployment in the United States is just about back to pre-recession levels and is currently close to the natural rate of just over 5 percent. 381 more words


After a lengthy battle, Hong Kong men have scored three days of semi-paid paternity leave

Hong Kong has been battling unsuccessfully against a declining birth rate that will leave the city’s median age at 52 this year and saddle the city’s youth… 359 more words

The unemployment rate is overrated

This month’s unemployment report was essentially the same as the last few dozen before it. Unemployment ticked slightly downward again, but much of that decline came from people “leaving” the labor force. 247 more words