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Declining LFP in the US

A new White House Council of Economic Advisors report outlines the decline in the Labor Force Participation rate over the last seven years in the US, parsing the more then 3 percentage point decline in overall participation rates. 69 more words


Women's security and work in India

Pretty much all I think about these days is women’s labor force participation, primarily in India. One of the big things on my mind is how increased reports of sexual assault, rape, and other crimes against women, particularly on public transportation, affect labor market entry and exit, hours worked etc. 231 more words


Declining Workforce Participation: unemployed squirrels

My little germ of a thought for today is an parallel I see with declining workforce participation and our ancestor’s experience of no longer needing draught animal as a consequence of the industrial revolution and in particular the use of fossil fueled mechanical engines. 2,200 more words

Labor Market

(What's Left of) Our Economy: Are Jobs Gains Really Set to Juice Growth?

Yesterday’s monthly jobs report has fostered more than the usual amount of optimism that, five years after the current U.S. recovery technically began, that word can finally start to be used without humbling qualifiers or sarcasm-signaling quotation marks. 564 more words

Young people who voted for Obama are holding fewer and fewer jobs

Stephen Moore writes about Investors Business Daily.


Economists are scratching their heads trying to figure out a puzzle in this recovery: Why are young people not working?

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Forbes: Student Debt Has Nearly Doubled, $600 Billion to $1.1 Trillion

In a time where more high school students are pursuing a college degree on the undergraduate and graduate level, some detrimental circumstances have remained constant; increase in tuition & labor force participation. 568 more words


Minimum wage hike: A weak economic antidote Obama can't ignore

Ever since the February 2013 State of the Union address, when President Obama announced his support for a higher minimum wage, the issue has captivated a nation worried over stagnating middle-class wages and income inequality. 583 more words