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Labor Participation: What's the Job?

This post is continuing my earlier contemplation of what may be behind lower labor force participation rates, using my perspective on the outside of the participation fence.   1,560 more words

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Parasites, Vermin, and Leeches are Sucking the Air out of the USA, and I'm Pissed

The devil is always in the details. Persons temporarily unemployed, retired persons, the disabled, and other nonparasites have contributed to their own upkeep or will in the future. 309 more words

The St. Louis Fed (FRED) and Unemployment and Labor Force Participation

US Unemployment and Labor Force Participation Rates (LFP).  We often hear about both economic indicators.  Sadly, the indicators are very personal to the nation as they related to people not working. 752 more words

Labor Force Participation

The Unemployment Rate is a Poor Indicator of Job Growth

I recently saw a graph of the national civilian unemployment rate. Currently we’re at 6.7%, which isn’t bad at all compared to a healthy economy. Here’s the graph:  287 more words

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Labor Participation: Devaluation of common sense

There is common sense, and then there is a common sense.   For this post, I have in mind an idea of unsophisticated sense.  That quality of an person’s inherent capacities prior to training or education.   1,669 more words


Enough Work?

Income inequality is certainly the rallying issue for many progressives these days. Paul Krugman goes as far as to call it the one issue, the only important one. 879 more words

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Labor Force Participation: Travel Expense reporting

This post is a followup on yesterday’s post on the declining value of work and its possible impact on motivating people to participate in labor.   The primary motivation for today’s post was the popular urban legend of the expense report with the attached note “find the hat” as described… 1,548 more words