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October 22, 1941

French trade union leader Jean-Pierre Timbaud and 26 others are executed by the Nazis. Timbaud was secretary of the steelworkers’ trade union section of the Confederation Generale du Travail (CGT). 15 more words


October 21, 1933

In an attempt to raise the price of milk, Wisconsin dairy farmers begin the third major milk strike of the year in the state. During the Great Depression, farmers who produced milk for bottling were able to remain solvent, but those who produced milk for cheese, butter, and other uses were driven into poverty.


Eugene V. Debs: Death Of A Working Class Hero

Eugene V. Debs passed away on this day, October 20, in 1926.

Debs was a working man who advocated and fought for the rights of working men, women, children, and their families. 72 more words


October 19, 1993

Air France freight and other workers go on strike when the company announces plans to cut 4,000 jobs and reduce bonuses. The strike not only forced the government to change its mind about the layoffs, but also led to the ouster of the airline’s chairman.


October 14, 1817

Founder of the Norwegian labor movement Marcus Thrane is born. In 1848, Thrane began to organize local workingmen’s associations and two years later, the organizations presented the government with their demands. 31 more words


DebsSpeak: Living Or Working?

“We have been so busy seeking to make a living that we have not been able to make a life.”

(Eugene V. Debs, “Socialist Ideals”, The Arena, November 1908}


DebsSpeak: Class Consciousness

‘The most important thing for the workingman to recognize is the class struggle. … Class-consciousness points out the necessity for working-class action, economic and political.”

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