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October 2, 1800

Nat Turner is born into slavery in Southampton County, Virginia. In 1831, Turner led a slave revolt, freeing slaves and killing white men, women, and children, before being captured by militia, tried, and hanged. 30 more words


October 1, 1975

200 press operators and members of Pressmen’s Local 6 go on strike at the Washington Post. Determined to break the strike and bust the militant union, managers and scabs were flown to the building by helicopter to operate the presses. 22 more words


Freedom Library presents 'Making St. Paul Work for Working People'

The history of St. Paul, its neighborhoods and its workers are intertwined. The struggles waged by organized labor helped knit a strong social fabric and vibrant local economy. 236 more words


September 27, 1945

One month after V-J Day, the Oil Workers International Union calls a national strike against sixteen major oil companies with the demand to retain wartime wages (52 hours’ pay for 40 hours’ work). 18 more words


September 26, 2001

Graduate student employees at Temple University in Philadelphia win union recognition. The Temple University Graduate Students Association ratified its first contract in May 2002, significantly improving graduate employment in terms of healthcare and wages, and marking the first time that graduate students in the state bargained a contract with their employer.


Hearts Starve as well as Bodies

Inspired by Ralph Fasanella’s paintings of the Lawrence textile strike of 1912, as well as my own visits to the city. The refrain “hearts starve as well as bodies, give us bread but give us roses” is taken from the poem turned song by James Oppenheim. 30 more words

Bread and Roses: reopening at LEA 13

The Bread and Roses exhibit began as an exploratory exercise for my Women’s Studies 1110 class, way back in the winter of 2013. At that time, I just wanted to combat the too-prevalent idea that history is “one story,” a story that can be wrapped up in a neat little package, and filed away until exam time. 333 more words