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The Fish Wings

 I was talking to my friend, and she was complaining about the society, politics, the government and the injustice in-between. I was trying to tell her to that it is sad, but yet, normal. 89 more words


My Day Today

 Today I got good news: I got a scholarship thar covers half of my studies! I was so happy! I still apply for others, but good things happen… later, my friend asked me if I want a ride home. 86 more words


Feminism that DOES NOT emphasizes pessimism

This energy to change them all! “I am waiting and waiting, everything is corrupted so I‘m going to fix the world”.

Don’t get me wrong. I do not rule out the feminist approach. 154 more words



Some Days Are Exactly As This

capital letters, no abbreviations, proper bright language


normal impatient fluency, talking like air

some days………………………..are just ……………..like…….. that. 13 more words


"There are not enough good guys"

“There are not enough good guys”

This is my friend, complaining about her lame love life.

“Maybe there aren’t enough” said I, “but you need only one”. 466 more words


The connection between Sudoku and desires, imagination and life

 Well, you have to read EVERYTING to figure it out.

There is no desire without an imagination” (Aristo)

“What I desire I must first imagine. 378 more words


The Little Blessings Of Life

Each and one of us has a few troubles, REAL troubles, in life. On the other hand, we have “the life” itself: the daily walk to the supermarket, the small-talk with our neighbor, the car wash, the wedding of an old friend, parents meetings, children courses, gym, cooking, phone call, work, cooling, broken washing machine, the slice that falls on the smeared size and so on. 143 more words