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Ice Cream and Pickles Aren't Cravings, They're Convenient!

I’ve decided that the age old idea behind the need for ice cream and pickles isn’t a craving… but a convenience.

My body goes from “if you put a drop of food into your stomach you will pay for it the rest of your life” to “feed me right this minute or you will throw up everywhere and die”. 321 more words


Dear Little Flower,

You won’t need it.
This life is long and dynamic
Always changing
And you with it

You’ll be reborn again and again… 36 more words

No C-Section?! YOU Try Pushing For Three Hours!

You’ll hear plenty of moms complain about their C-sections, but you’ll never hear THIS Babe complain. I asked them for a zipper in case I decided to go again. 1,338 more words


The Birth Story of Our Little Girl

I remember 2 years ago, on the early morning of this same date, February 9, I was so eager to see our baby girl. Since I was already admitted in the labor room the night before, I was awakened early for induction of labor.   353 more words

Baby Girl