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Perfect smile, hair and face

Charming loving full of grace

Time to stand against it all

Save your arrows, reassess the goal

To let them go, the old glowing tickles… 55 more words


'Laughing gas' if you're in labor? It's now an option at a MN birthing center

“Laughing gas” is now an option for moms-to-be in the delivery room, at least at one Twin Cities birthing center.

The Minnesota Birth Center in Minneapolis started offering “laughing gas” (nitrous oxide) as an option for pain relief during childbirth this month, … 263 more words


Thoughts about Beauty

What exactly is beauty?  What is real beauty or handsomeness?

Our eyes see first. Then our mind. means, it is easy to make an impression by your look than your actual personality. 564 more words


Who Am I, Ayeh?

Since I have 100 followers (Thank you!) I decided to tell them a little more about myself. Enjoy it (or not)

I am religious, and yet a pretty girl, too. 181 more words


Student Jobs

Idea, desire, talent


I  have seven professions

And the livelihood

is still wasted.


Don't Play Hard To Get With Me

Don’t play hard to get with me, please.

“But you are playing it all the time!”

I am a girl.

“So what??? is this your destiny, to drive poor guys crazy?” 316 more words


What evrybody think about art, and wat it really is

Everybody think that Art is scattering, expanding you.

The truth is, Art is abstracting you, accurate you. Makes you ask questions about things you always thought you don’t need to think about them, for they are so clear. 47 more words