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I am Egoist

Yes. I realized yesterday I am a selfish person. Oh My. I don’t feel comfortable with this fact: no-one, no-one like to admit this. right? 191 more words

Labor Pains

Like the swinging lobby door

There are a few things that as much  you desire them, a deep and sincere desire, emanating from the depths of the heart, of your human atomic nucleus- you cannot satisfy your parents. 142 more words

Labor Pains

How It All Started

For Twenty-some years, I did not feel the need to hold colors in my hand and use them, for good or bad.

A few month ago I felt that something changes in my life. 165 more words

Labor Pains

Art Student is Here

Hey, I am an art student!

I got into a Fine-Arts Academy! I am officially an art student! I was so afraid of not-getting in… now, after the phone-call and the official letter, I feel so high!  366 more words

Labor Pains

Voicing His Opinion From the Womb

This is one of my favorite stories about my son because it happened before he was even born and gives me a strange defense about not seeing the Transformers movies.  366 more words

Labor Pains: Colorado Women Can Choose Nitrous Oxide During Birth

DENVER (CBS4)- There’s a new option at one hospital in Colorado for birthing mothers to ease the pain of labor: nitrous oxide.

The University of Colorado Hospital, the first hospital in the region, will start offering the alternative method for pain relief on Oct. 351 more words


Diary of Pain, Two

20 August 2014


I basically watched TV the entire day, and walked around the Labor Room. There was absolutely nothing else to do. Cellphones weren’t allowed. 968 more words

Baby Basti