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Fiddler on the Roof & Tears, Tears, Tears

I cannot remember the last time I cried when I saw a movie. This morning, I cried a river. I couldn’t fall asleep. I draw some drawings, and turn on the first movie I saw: Fiddler on the Roof. 216 more words


Future Is Beautiful And Scary When You Love Someone

We all know love can be scary and beautiful at the same time because we think about the future: You beautifully imagine everything great and lovely with your love subject (boyfriend or girlfriend, son or daughter, parents or grandparents and so on), and it happen suddenly, strongly, and fill you from your head to your toe: 330 more words


Memories is Yesterday

People tend to think that memories are made a long, long time ago. if you are teenager it’s childhood. if you are married, so teenagerhood. if you are older – so both. 434 more words


My day is not over: Theology , Jackson Pollock and a Date!

Ding dong of morning- you know? that ringtone you have to awake you up. I did got up early. I did got dressed and makeup and fried eggs with a pickle and was ready to go on time: six thirty a.m. 574 more words



I lie in my bed. sure. Am I dreaming ,awake, reverie? not sure. Thunder are all over me. The storm outside my window now is real. 350 more words


I apologize for not getting married

“You should apologize for not getting married, and instead, you bonk pose!”

wait, repeat, please?

“Yes! It is exactly what you heard, honey: you bonk poses on something that does not exist!!” 926 more words


Serve me, Serve the World

Yesterday was a day I’ll never forget. Four and a half hours of lectures about chemicals, dangerous materials and the way we should not use them (unless we, crazy artists, want to¬†we expose ourselves to an infinite number of tragedies. 674 more words