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US - Evidence demonstrating a skills shortage is not found in wage data

To an economist, the most accessible and persuasive evidence demonstrating a skills shortage should be found in wage data. If employers urgently need workers with skills in short supply, we expect them to offer higher pay to prospective new employees who possess the skills. 638 more words

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Coding in EU - Skills shortage of 900,000 coders by 2020

The European Commission (EC) has warned that we face a shortage of 900,000 coders by 2020. 

The number of computer science graduates is not keeping pace with demand for coding skills, the EC warned this week, as it tries to encourage young people to take up coding over summer. 129 more words

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China - Unemployment and labour shortage co-exist

Why do labour shortage and high unemployment co-exist in China? I analysed this in my book. More specifically, I explored the matching efficiency in the labour market by estimating the matching function between job offers and job seekers in urban labour markets in China based on search and matching theory. 204 more words


The Global Workforce Crisis: crippling labor shortages and chronic labor surpluses - The Boston Consulting Group

Demographic risk is one of the most insidious of all megatrends threatening the global economy, but its impact throughout the world is neither simultaneous nor uniform. 309 more words

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Does God want us to allow illegal immigrants to stay?

Some of the bigger national church groups claims that it is ‘Christian’ to forgive those who have sneaked into the country illegally.  I have not been able to find any Biblical injunction about rewarding people who break the law with that which they broke the law to acquire.  706 more words