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Vale Gough Whitlam

Gough Whitlam, 21st Prime Minister of Australia.

Oh this is a sad day. There’ll be buckets of political tributes to the great man but for me it was personal so that’s what I’ll remember here. 1,091 more words

Australian Politics

P-Push it real good!

I think Robert Frost knew what he was saying here, but not all women feel as I do about pushing their baby through and out. 2,407 more words


Seth Godin's Linchpin or, The Time I Tipped the Richter Scale

For 100-200 years of industrialized labor, there were 2 roles, management and labor. Now there is a third role, says Seth Godin, the linchpin. The linchpin is a bridge between management and labor, a gift-giver, an artist, a person who thinks on the edge of the box, and the type of employee management should do whatever possible to afford. 968 more words

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Labor Unions are Like Sunrises: What Did You Expect to Happen?

Here is a second post inspired by watching Pride on Sunday.

It mystifies me when I hear people, especially working-class people, complain about unions.  Living in an industrial society and hating labor unions is like living on Earth and hating the sunrise. 302 more words


Busy and Not Lonely

(Ughh, I’m totally un-creative today. The headline is very boring and no real good story today! Sorry readers :-) It’s a creative block day for me I guess!) 568 more words


Does Inducing Labor Increase Your Chances of a C-Section? The Scientific Evidence Says No.

These days, as soon as you pass the 40-week mark, obstetricians start talking about inducing labor. Emily Oster recalls this experience in her bestselling book, … 1,248 more words