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39 Weeks Gestation Or Later Better For Healthy Delivery

Think a woman’s pregnancy lasts just 9 months? Think again. The generally accepted length of a “month” is 4 weeks, however, most weeks are slightly longer than 4 weeks. 375 more words

Des wildes tritt.

Because I am an unreconstructed modernist at heart, my preferred mode is still meta. Which is to say that I should be very, very conflicted about the labor inherent in this whole exercise, but is there anything worse than a blog post about blogging? 358 more words


- throwing in your towels -


you’re leaving today,

flying away, as

we stand behind.


the price you will pay,

senses astray, for

quitting the line?


Whatever tales that’ll tail you next…  45 more words


The royal eagles on high mountains fly

Not underneath sweet shades and fountains shrill,
Among the nymphs, the fairies, leaves and flowers;
But on the steep, the rough and craggy hill
Of Virtue stands this bliss, this good of ours;

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Virtue And Vice

The Long-Term Downward Trend in Federal Government Employment Has Continued Under Obama

A.  The Long-Term Downward Trend in Federal Government Employment

Previous posts on this blog have reported on the fall in total government employment (federal, state, and local) during Obama’s presidential term, in stark contrast to the increases seen… 1,282 more words

Fiscal Issues

Great win for fast food workers!

Crossing our fingers! If upheld, this could hold McDonald’s (the corporation and not just the franchise owners) responsible for actions taken at thousands of its restaurants and could ease the way for unionizing. 41 more words


A Case against Child Labor Prohibitions

A Case against Child Labor Prohibitions
Source: Cato Institute

In my recent book, Out of Poverty: Sweatshops in the Global Economy, I argue that much of what the anti-sweatshop movement agitates for would harm workers and that the process of economic development, in which sweatshops play an important role, is the best way to raise wages and improve working conditions.

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