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I'm concerned about the health of my kidneys because my psychiatrist brought my lab results to my attention recently. She ordered blood tests to check my liver function, and was surprised to see that my kidney numbers were not good, and told me to follow up with my primary. My primary physician isn't concerned and was looking only at the Creatinine number, which was 1.28. She didn't appear to know what I was talking about when I mentioned the eGFR, which was 44.5. Because of the high creatinine, she did order new tests, thinking that it was a lab error or I hadn't been drinking enough water. My new tests came back today and the Creatinine was 1.10, eGFR was 53. The nurse called me back to say that the Creatinine was back down to the normal range, so nothing is wrong. I've looked at other bloodwork for the past 2 years, and the eGFR has always been below 60 and trending downward (Sept. 26, 2012: 58.3; July 15, 2014, 57.2; Sept. 30, 2014: 53.0). I am a 48 yo woman, BMI 41. I have taken meloxicam 2x daily for at least 2 years, prescribed for arthritis pain. Prior to that, I took Advil regularly for headaches. I have a long history of UTIs going back to age 21. I would consider myself to have almost all of the early symptoms of kidney disease, which have been attributed to obesity, depression, dry skin and vitamin D and B12 deficiency. I am working toward having bariatric surgery for my weight. My question is when should I be assertive and tell my PCP that I want to see a Nephrologist? Would a kidney problem be a barrier to having bariatric surgery (one must consume a lot to protein post-op), or would the benefit of weight loss outweigh that?

I cannot make a diagnosis based on the information that you provide.  I suggest that you have urine and blood testing.  The meloxicam that you are taking can also cause a decrease in the… 20 more words

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