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Hormone Imbalances and Symptoms

Hormones play a vital role the body’s health and well being. They are your body’s chemical messengers travelling the vast networks of  the bloodstream to tissues or organs. 167 more words

Hormone Imbalances

Could you explain the difference between renial # and GFR. # my ranial #31 GFR. #60 .

The GFR is glomerular filtration rate and is an estimate of the percentage of kidney (renal) function.  I have never heard of a “renial” or a “ranial” number.

Kidney-Related Health Questions

If your creatinine level jumps in 8 months from 1.04-1.54. Does this mean you have a serious condition?

The serum creatinine can vary by plus or minus 0.2 millgrams per deciliter because of laboratory variation.  A rise from 1.04 to 1.54 would be of concern.   41 more words

Kidney-Related Health Questions

My husband has type 2 diabetes & has protein in his urine dx by lab test on 8/2: urine microalbumin inst 2.4 H & microalbumin/creatinine 44 H. Should he limit his intake of protein rich foods & how much is allowed?

Normal urine microalbumin is less than 30 micrograms per milligram of creatinine.  You quote his urine microalbumin at 44, so this is just mildly elevated.  Altering the protein in the diet will not treat any problems related to diabetic… 45 more words

Kidney-Related Health Questions