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Hormone Imbalances That Causes You to Gain Weight

Having difficulties in losing weight even with programmed diet and exercises? Maybe you should take a closer look on what’s happening on the inside, particularly your hormonal health. 526 more words

Hormone Imbalances

I am considering living kidney donation. I am a 36 year old white female and the transplant center has estimated my kidney function using the Cockcroft Gault and the 24 hour urine creatinine clearance equations. What should my kidney function be at my age?

Each laboratory determines the normals for that particular laboratory test.  A normal creatinine clearance for a 36 year old female is generally going to be in the range of 80 to 120 milliliters per minute but will also be dependent on your body size.   10 more words

Kidney-Related Health Questions

I lost one kidney to cancer 3 years ago. The other one is working at 22% now (lost 10 points). I was wondering, I went 3years without a change, now a 10 point difference. Does this mean the kidney is finally giving out?

This could be just a laboratory aberration or mistake.  That is why we encourage repeat testing when one test doesn’t fit with prior tests.  I would recommend that you discuss your concern with your physician.   9 more words

Kidney-Related Health Questions

My doctor wants me to have a heart cath test and I have stage 4 kidney failure. I am 71 yrs old and I don't know if I should have this test because of the dye hurting my kidneys but worry about clogs in heart as I have PAD also. Can you help me decide?

I cannot help you decide without performing a complete history and physical examination on you.  I recommend that you consult with your primary care physician and ask for a referral to a nephrologist for an examination and consultation.   32 more words

Kidney-Related Health Questions

Kidney Ultrasound: Left kidney - 8.3cm 2 cyst - 1Exophytic & 1 Endophytic in left kidney largest measure 2.5cm in lower pole. Echotaxtum CMD blurred

You appear to be providing a report of your kidney ultrasound.  Your left kidney is said to be small.  A normal kidney size is at least 10 centimeters if you are an adult.   33 more words

Kidney-Related Health Questions

I do not identify any blood test indicating kidney disease from the information you have presented.

My brother is 45 yrs old. His blood tests results from Dec 2013 as follows: 87 more words

Kidney-Related Health Questions