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"The Cold Season"

So, it’s beginning to get cold, and since I got a haircut, it is even colder for me! My owners are going away for a few days and I wonder what’s going to become of me…


count your blessings...

We were all surprised by how frigid Crescent Beach was this afternoon. My teeth were chattering and my fingers were numb when I fumbled around with the camera (shocked anything was in focus). 22 more words


My New Rug

I got a brand new rug to lay on now!! It’s very comfortable and I really like to just sit there hour after hour. It even has a snowman on it.



So a few days ago, I got shaved down. I know, I know, it’s terrible. It gets so cold this time of year. Lucky for me, I get to stay inside for most of the time. 14 more words


Pablo, the very handsome chocolate labradoodle

When I first met Pablo, I noticed three things about him.   Firstly, I thought, he is incredibly handsome and almost looked like a living teddy bear.   82 more words

Craft beer and dogs, What a great combination in Raleigh, NC

The Raleigh Brewing Company has great beers AND is dog friendly. This is Dudley having a beer during one of their dog events.    Not really, he just likes to pose any time he can. 15 more words


if only dogs could talk...

There’s a beautiful soul behind those eyes. Daisy is our Labradoodle…perhaps the only neurotic Labradoodle in all of North America! We love her to bits, but she does crazy stuff like barking at rain puddles when we’re driving and expressing her deep displeasure with a quiet grumbling growl every time we tell her to “Get off the Bed!”. 56 more words

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