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While trying to get us all outside into the enclosure we have been having fun.  Our owners can only carry two of us at a time, so we are waiting by the edge of the gate for them to bring two more before escaping. 30 more words

Our Journey

Hungry Pups

After our sucsess with lapping milk we have tried beginners puppy food (Chudleys Puppy Food).  It’s so yummy we had to climb in the dish. 25 more words

Our Journey

Life lately...and a puppy

You know you are the kind of person who takes on too much when you decide to go back to work, do a Masters degree  228 more words


Bath Time

After rolling in puppy milk we had our first bath.  We are not impressed.  It was fun paddling in the water and splashing our feet but we don’t like it being poured onto us. 28 more words

Our Journey


The dandelion is a perennial, herbaceous plant with long, lance-shaped leaves. They’re so deeply toothed, they gave the plant its name in Old French: Dent-de-lion means lion’s tooth in Old French. (info from: wildmanstevebrill)

Labradoodle Colours

Testing our voices

For fun this morning we thought we would see who could squeak or growl the loudest.  Our owners were not impressed with the 6.30am awkening. 6 more words

Our Journey


With 10 of us feeding Mum was getting a bit tired.  Our owners have introduced puppy milk for us.  It took a few goes to master the lapping but once we had it, it was great.  11 more words

Our Journey