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Out of the box

Over the weekend we have had a few wanders outside of our box.  It’s so exciting, so much so that we just have to wee on the floor to mark the occasion. 80 more words

Our Journey


Nice & warm… mm Just love a good fire.. toasty!

Labradoodle Colours


Reggie and Moby

These two are best buddies, well, for the most part. Reggie loves to initiate play with Moby  and does so on a daily basis. 93 more words


Labradoodle Colours - Sliver

Silver can range in shades from very light pewter in colour to a dark charcoal. It is preferred to see an even colour through the coat but it is acceptable to see uneven layering of colour in the coat. 29 more words

Labradoodle Colours


Taking 5 mins to smell the flowers.

Labradoodle Colours

Labradoodle Colours - Chocolate

Chocolate should be a dark and rich in colour. True chocolates are born almost black in colour and maintain the rich dark colour throughout their lifetime. 29 more words

Labradoodle Colours

Labradoodle Colours - Lavender

Lavender has a definite smoky lavender chocolate colour giving an almost pink to lilac appearance. Lavender dogs are born chocolate and will develop over time (1-3yrs). 25 more words

Labradoodle Colours