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Lead training

We have each had a walk round the garden with a dog lead on.  We have been getting used to the weight around our necks.  We have also discovered that it makes a great tug of war toy too.

Our Journey

Don't take your eyes off us.

We tend to have moments of mischief, that’s when we practice our best cute look.  A few of us wanted to see what the fuss was about with the big blue thing.   9 more words

Our Journey


After a nice breakfast and a play session with Moby, Reggie is taking a break as the sunshine starts to touch the deck. Another beautiful morning with smokey skies from many wildfires.



Out of the box

Over the weekend we have had a few wanders outside of our box.  It’s so exciting, so much so that we just have to wee on the floor to mark the occasion. 80 more words

Our Journey