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[MegaDelve] The Marble Hall (Dwarven City Level 2)

As I feared, the Dwarven City is going to be more than 3 maps. Probably a LOT more than three maps. At least three maps just for level 2. 324 more words


[MegaDelve] The Ogre Base

A new node in the MegaDelve! And unlike the last few, this node is only a single map. Here it is in red on the node map – the Ogre Base (click to enbiggen): 337 more words


Another "mapping procedure" video

Here’s another short video of me drawing a map. Again, it’s not all that great as it was done holding the camera phone in one hand while drawing with the other. 31 more words


Kleine Änderung beim Kämpfer und der Mönch

Ich hatte wieder etwas Zeit, mich um Stahlgrimm zu kümmern und habe dabei den Kämpfer leicht überarbeitet und den Mönch fertiggestellt. Damit sind die Klassen abgeschlossen. 47 more words

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[MegaDelve] The Morlock Retreat

North of the Lost River Cave (West) are a pair of tunnels that were once river beds lead into the tunnels and constructions of a war party of morlocks. 206 more words


Hatching and Detailing Video

I made this video while talking about my crosshatching style on google plus. It’s a progress shot of the map I’ll be posting tomorrow – the Morlock Lairs north of the Lost River Cave. 117 more words


[MegaDelve] Under the Lost River Temple

Last Tuesday’s map of the Lost River Cave (West) included a temple run by a religious order of ghouls and ghasts. Today’s map is of the region underneath their temple, where they don’t permit interlopers, adventurers or anyone not of their faith and race. 356 more words