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[MegaDelve] The Flooded Mines

To the north of the Thunder Mines and down the long twisting stairs from the Hall of Bronze are the flooded mines. These were the first set of mines worked by the local dwarves and were mostly worked out when the dwarves partially sealed them off in favour of the hematite mines. 353 more words


[New Spell] Premonitor


‘Stop being so jumpy!’ one bounty hunter told the other as they sipped ale in the Dread Bugbear Inn.

‘I can’t help it! It’s that spell! 178 more words

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[MegaDelve] The Thunder Mines

Also known as the West Mines, the Thunder Mines are named after the sound of the waterfall that crashes down into the chasm these mines were built up around. 397 more words


[New Spell] Wellkept


‘It’s gone, that’s for sure!’ exclaimed the princeling. ‘Where will we find my dagger! My father will be enraged!’

Valance closed his eyes for a moment then looked at Nudge. 175 more words

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[New Monster] Marsh Mauler

Marsh Mauler

Nudge peered out into the foggy gloom.

‘Something’s not right out there,’ he told the others.

‘It’s only a creepy marsh, what’s the worst that could be out there,’ quipped Koram. 206 more words

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[MegaDelve] The Hematite Mines

Beneath the Venomous Hall lie the Hematite┬áMines – source iron ore for the dwarves who helped to equip armies to fight in the war against the elves. 226 more words


[New Monster] Ulvandi


‘Is it dead? You weren’t supposed to kill it!’ screamed Chalk.

‘Relax,’ Koram replied. ‘ It’s just sleeping, Valance had this spider, and it knocked the little guy right out. 215 more words

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