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[Friday Map] Cepheus' Gallery

Another one of the caves leading into the catacombs beneath Triumph Mesa, this one is named after it’s primary resident, the boneless lich known as Cepheus. 177 more words


[Tuesday Map] Cragmaw Hideout in the Coolant Processing Facility

The goblin trail leads to this cave, and presumably within they are holding the missing dwarf and fighter – maybe as prisoners, maybe just as food. 373 more words


Session 15: Facing the Master

Session 15 of the Old Skool D&D sandbox campaign was played in the Dickson library community room on Saturday 6 September 2014.

The party have rescued Stephan, but discovered that Golthar (The Master) was hiding the whereabouts of an ancient treasure. 839 more words

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The Gazing Beasts of Triumph Mesa

While the catacombs within Triumph Mesa are their main attraction for adventurers, treasure hunters and fortune seekers, the wildlife of the region also deserves mention – the most notable of which are the Gazing Beasts. 625 more words


[Friday Map] Hesporus Cave

One of several fairly well known entrances into the catacombs beneath Triumph Mesa, Hesporus Cave is home to a xenophobic clan of dwarves who seem to have given up on most of what people expect from their kin. 236 more words


[Tuesday Map] The Ten Crown River Caves

The mysterious Ten Crown River Caves are a set of five entrances cut into the limestone walls of the Ten Crown River by another watercourse that no longer travels this way. 135 more words


Stahlgrimm Update - Belastung und der Dieb

Was mich sehr stört, ist die Regelung bezüglich der Rüstungs- und Waffenbeschränkung einiger Klassen. Festzulegen, dass der Dieb nichts schwereres als eine Lederrüstung oder einen Schild anlegen darf und dem Adept es generell verboten ist, irgendeine Rüstung zu tragen, ist zwar old school, aber nicht mein Geschmack. 146 more words

Herr Der Labyrinthe