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Laci Green on Feminism

50 plus reasons to be a feminist.  Myths debunked.  And she is funny; not Sarah Silverman funny, but funny.

I am a feminist.

Because my mother had to work two jobs because she was not allowed to take the hours to support the kids my deadbeat dad abandoned. 85 more words


not scary anymore :D

a week ago I used to be scared of these people because the nonsense they spout is taken seriously by too many in influential positions. Especially the predatory teacher made me very sad with the inluence that she has on young impressionable people. 91 more words

I Don't Need Feminism


how to talk to kids about sex, from a certified former kid.

Laci Green

Why the "F" Word is Important

Hi guys! So this is post numero uno and it’s not going to be a long one, just wanted to share something here and make my first post matter a little more. 104 more words


Why I'm a Feminist*

*Even though I’ve lived in Canada for almost half my life, have never been a victim of sexual abuse, and am in a very happy relationship with a man… 1,092 more words

Reflections & Realizations

Taking Away the Taboo

It is said that on average, young people that have sex for the first time, do so at the age of seventeen; which, according to GuttMacher Institute, “this means that young adults may be at increased risk for unintended pregnancy and STIs for nearly a decade or longer.” When I sat back and thought about what this looks like beyond the words, I became frightened, not only for myself, but also my peers and my generation as a whole. 381 more words