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I feel like I have nothing useful or “interesting” to say lately.  I keep going back to the thought of really not liking TL and not sure I can work with her.   135 more words

7 July 2014: Should I Stay Together With My Significant Other?

DEAR ADAM: I’ve been seeing this guy on and off for a few months and we’ve recently decided to date exclusively. The problem is, it’s sometimes hard to trust him. 1,240 more words

For thinking that this could be something for real

My trust issues are getting worse. Like I don’t even want to give someone my iTunes password or hand over the key to my apartment even to someone who has a genuine need for it. 167 more words

Iago's Sibilant Sedition

A sibilant serpent’s tongue set spinning a poisonous thought straight to my head
Bold knights attend my princess who’s adorned in a gown of sheerest silken thread… 388 more words


I don't trust you. Move on.

Because I say no – you try to make me feel guilty
You assume I don’t come back because of what decision was made three years ago… 333 more words