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Screaming in silence...

Dear diary,

What do you write when you’re screaming on the inside? How do you get that emotion out in writing? How do you manage, when there is no one you can talk to, no one that you trust enough to tell what really is going on inside your head? 313 more words


Healing – Day 13: Choice Choices

Let me start off by apologizing in advance to those of you who are vegetarians or vegans. Or who don’t eat red meat. Tonight is a night for meat as metaphor. 483 more words


Trust issues

I have trust issues, it’s a horrible thing to have not only for myself but for other people to have to deal with.

The reason for my lack of trust is due to me being abused by my father and my mother failed to believe me. 220 more words

Righting the wrongs of Ferguson

Michael Brown is dead. Darren Wilson’s career as a police officer is over. What remains are doubts that, absent a trial, we’ll ever know the truth about Ferguson, and the certainty that  this nation’s racial divide in this country is as unremitting as ever. 454 more words