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Devoid Of Meaning

We are completely incomplete

devoid of our 2nd friend

Cause when you fall

the other becomes the mattress.

My Walk To My Heart.

It's been awhile.

Here I am, almost three months later and only writing my second blog post. I guess, life has just gotten a little to hectic. But I can’t really use that as an excuse. 19 more words

pace yourself

from me..I said baby maybe please…
when all I do wanna do is try…

that song was on the radio when I started typing. think I’m feeling antisocial. 96 more words

Without Friends

It is because we look like we don’t have friends that we don’t have friends.

So ironic, yet so true. A person without friends seems distant, far away in a place no one can join them. 91 more words


Smart People

Don’t you ever wonder how people are so smart and then there’s you, just average. Like how are they capable of doing what they do its ridiculous.


Marry A Girl That Is Lacking

Marriage is a major decision and one needs to be well prepared to take the big leap. Normally when most people are looking for a girl to marry the most important factors are either visual or what people call chemistry. 500 more words

Episode 108: Uninspired.....

My inspiration is lacking

No words want to come out to play

The cursor is static and flashing

I need to find something to say… 80 more words