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Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge

A prototypical example of converging lines is shown here with a shot of a railway stop at Laclede’s Landing in St. Louis with the added dimension of midday shadows.

Laclede's Landing: Where the City Began


At 710 N. 2nd Street, between the Gateway Arch and Eads Bridge. The cake is suspended above the entrance, so you need to look up. 131 more words

St Louis

Cake 220—Laclede’s Landing (30 cakes left)

I’m glad I didn’t get crushed by this cake—not to be morbid, but that would definitely be an interesting cause of death. I had heard one of the cakes was suspended above a doorway, but I didn’t realize quite how high it would be suspended. 167 more words

St. Louis

It's Friday. Let's Go. (Detour #16)

Sadly, it took me several long moments to do the math: 2014 minus 250 equals what? 1764? Even more sadly, I had to check my math on the internet. 296 more words