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What to do with Formula Samples

I’m not going to go on about how mother’s milk is better than formula. We all know that food that comes in a box and has a shelf life is not as good as the other type of food — whole food, natural food, whatever you call it, you know: food food. 628 more words

Ecological Housekeeping

Chillin', Literally, Again

Being the responsible people we are, we decided to make the cost efficient switch to gas heat from oil. Gas is currently half the cost of oil and doesn’t require deliveries, thus eliminating the problem of running out of fuel, having to call the oil company begging the bitchy receptionist for a delivery and a technician to restart the furnace. 636 more words


That was a first...

I am sitting in an overstuffed chair at the back of the thrift store, nursing. I’ve nursed in public since day one, all over the place, in many different settings, and never had anything but positive reactions. 472 more words

Emotional Honesty

Similac targets unborn babies in their Canadian homes

It arrived while I was teaching night school, and because it was close to my birthday and thinking it a gift, my husband told our daughter that she couldn’t open it for me, she had to wait, and so, a… 2,202 more words


New La Leche League Leader in Town

Please join AskAmma in congratulating Chetana Amma for completing the training to become a certified La Leche League Leader.

La Leche League, an organization founded more than 50 years ago… 438 more words