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Soy, The Good the Bad and the Ugly

I am posting this because; I am a fan of soy milk. The taste, the texture, the fact it doesn’t make me ill… But I have recently come into information that says maybe I shouldn’t be such a fan. 688 more words

A Bear in our Supermarket

I’m often asked about Finnish food and what we are enjoying the most. It feels a bit unpatriotic to say but we are really enjoying the dairy products here. 421 more words

Home Life


After about three years of bloating in the intestines, alternating between diarrhea and constipation, flatulence, stomach pains and nausea the doctor finally let me go to the hospital to see the gastroenterologist. 421 more words


Cow's Milk

So I have been given the green light by Everett’s pediatrician that I can start giving him cow’s milk at anytime, and coincidentally I stumbled across an article about whether or not we truly need cows milk, shortly after. 204 more words


Eat for Your Body, Not for a Fad.

There have always been food fads that large masses of people subscribe to for short periods of time until they find it too difficult to maintain a strict “diet” especially when the reasons for following that diet do not apply to them. 531 more words

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The Difference Between All These Milk Issues

I’ve been doing a lot of research on milk and lactose intolerance since it was what kickstarted all my gastric distress. During my holiday in Amsterdam with my family, I was curled in the fetal position moaning, holding my giant, bloated belly, when my stepmother said, “You have a milk allergy that you’re ignoring, and that’s why you’re so sick.” I mumbled something about just being lactose intolerant, and she said that the two were interchangeable. 365 more words


Jill the Dietitian

I think I’ve started a new routine, lately I have been having Saturdays off from work and usually by the end of the week I have a thousand ideas for a new post on this blog. 1,002 more words