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. . .Years of Ice Cream Eating to Make Up For!!!

Maybe my fellow lactose-intolerant friends already knew this little secret about certain dairy foods, but somehow I missed the “memo” and had avoided ice cream for YEARS (and I really like ice cream!!!!!)! 362 more words


(Dairy-free) Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

I’m powerless to resist ice cream. That’s why I devised a super-simple, super-satisfying recipe for home ice cream makers that uses coconut milk and oil… instead of milk and heavy cream. 150 more words



Another diet, another day, right?  The Low-FODMAP diet is something completely different that not all doctors are aware of.  FODMAP (you’re going to see this mentioned a lot!) is an acronym representing the different complex carbs that can be difficult to digest for those who gut sensitivities. 201 more words


Mad Cow!...

A few months back, myself and my son William were tested for food / drink intolerances…

The reason I decided to go ahead with this testing was simple. 338 more words

Does a Cheese Contains Lactose?

…if you read the labels and they have 0 g sugar, that means no lactose so they ought to be fine.

Source: I Hate You Milk…

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Does all milk go MOOOO

I stayed up chatting to a friend until 2am the other night. My husband asked me what we would talk about for so long. “Everything” I said. 665 more words

Low Fodmap Strawberry Ice-cream

I love ice-cream! It is my favourite dessert of all time and I just can’t go pass vanilla or strawberry – yumm!! Luckily it is really easy to make a low fodmap version of ice-cream, and I even make mine sugar free using rice malt syrup instead. 294 more words

Low Fodmap