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On Being Gluten-Free

Allergy awareness has been exploding in supermarkets, on the internet, and in diagnoses. Too many people that are unaffected by them (and way too many that are!), I think, are left confused with all the talk about weird food allergies. 1,918 more words

36: Opposite of Indulgence: LACTOSE FREE ICE CREAM

36: Opposite of Indulgence: LACTOSE FREE ICE CREAM

Okay so the post is not really supposed to be about ice cream BUT it happened to turn out that way this time because I was thinking a lot about rejection and to deny someone or something which is the opposite of indulgence. 210 more words

Breakfast of Champions


Coffee Chocolate Milk Stout

OG: 1.075 FG: 1.030

21 IBU 5.8% ABV

After  a lull in production (pressure relief malfunction), and time off exploring the Utah desert, our Coffee Chocolate Milk Stout project has finally come to fruition.  325 more words


...of a girl with a serious need for cheese.

Yeah. That sounds weird. It’s true though! Ever gone a day without any kind of lactose at all? I have! EVERY. DANG. DAY. Lactose intolerance is horrible. 50 more words


Some Days You Just Have to Eat that Brownie

I normally don’t have a sweet tooth, I would most of the time want to eat seconds on dinner or lunch foods. I just kept craving chocolate, must be a natural woman instinct or something. 90 more words

The Low FODMAP Diet: What I learned from meeting with a Food Allergist

Hi and happy Saturday, friends!

I know I have been posting a little less frequently but between work & the 7 day vacation I just took with my family, these past few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind! 652 more words


A thirst for knowledge...

Being a new Mom again in my forties, makes me realize how much I’ve grown as a person, I realize how much more knowledge I have about myself, my body and my mind! 571 more words