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A Pancreatic Pseudocyst

I was settling into the ward quite nicely… things we’re becoming less strange. A dietician came to see me and told me that if I didn’t start eating soon they’d put a tube back in my nose. 1,144 more words


The Benefits of Milk as a Recovery Drink

Sorry in advance to any lactose intolerant or vegan readers.  The article talks about skim milk specifically, and touches briefly on lactose intolerance and chocolate milk at the end. 116 more words


The mysteries of lactose tolerance, the favourable mutation!

Every man and his dog believes they are lactose intolerant, but let’s get to the science! Lactose is sugar found in milk and dairy produce, and is normally broken down by an enzyme called lactase. 231 more words



Hi there!

My name is Sophie. I am 22 and I live in the UK.

I have created ‘The Dairy-Free Foodie’ to give me somewhere to share my ideas, thoughts and ramblings about living life without dairy. 295 more words

Dairy Free

And ... We're Back

Things did not go as bad as I thought. This is not going to be a long post. This will not be a post about God. 198 more words


Day 61 - Giving up Facebook / Lactose / Hiatus

For the next four weeks I’ve made the decision to put this blog on hold – I’m doing what-sounds-like an extremely intensive course, and I’m wiping out all my other commitments for it. 384 more words

How Much Do You Know About Lactose Intolerance? Take Our Quiz and Find Out

Before we get started, we want to remind you to join in on the #BMBHchat Twitter Party tonight at 9pm EST! We’ ll be talking all about Back to School and getting your kids ready for a happy healthy school year with the help of  1,195 more words