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A visual guide to online dating in a modern world

Here is a visual representation of the men I meet online, with explanations:

I’m young(ish), single, and ready to get down and find a mate. But whether I meet people online or at the pub, I’ve found myself in a number of situations that my mother would find quite alarming.  389 more words


Morning Wood: Throwback Thursday - Kelly Kapowski GIFs Edition

Tiffani-Amber Thiessen was the subject of many a young man’s fantasy thanks to her classic work as Kelly Kapowski on Saved By The Bell. 58 more words


It Still Needs A Bit More Petrol!!!‏

Dear Mum,

Back to normal today. I dropped Josh off at school, he ran about with Liam because they were both a bit early. When the buzzer went off we headed inside and Joshua played with some building things, which made a farmyard and sheds. 436 more words



1. Our son teasing our neighbor by “stealing” his chair
2. Our son laying down beside me to nap
3. My son flirting with the woman at the seafood counter

3 Things

Walk It Out

Finally a video to go along with the song. JHud looks amazing in her walk it out video. I know everyone likes to hear her sing her heart felt ballads but whats wrong with switching things up every now and then. 58 more words


The Anzac Day Veteran

This is a quick but heart-warming story of a guy I encountered at my first Anzac Day in Australia. Anzac Day is pretty respectable for the first half but the latter half gets seriously rowdy and the bars are full of active servicemen and veterans playing the ‘two up’ game, drinking beer and generally enjoying their day of respect. 138 more words