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As was the custom of the time, our household was made up of many domestic help, some live-in and some daily, with one or two who came in weekly or bi-weekly. 603 more words

First Approach

The first approach happened around noon on my way to picture the giant metal flower called Floralis Genérica in Buenos Aires.

Remember that according to The Master Plan, this stage just calls to approach random girls, ask basic questions, exchange a couple of words and leave the interaction. 203 more words


The Master Plan for becoming a Pickup Artist

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. ~B. Franklin

The whole reason why this project was started is because, as of today, I am far from being a “PickUp Artist”.

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Oscar the Ladies Man




Have I ever mentioned of how much of a ladies man Oscar is? If I haven’t, that is terribly remiss of me. Because one of the perks of being a beautiful fluffy and cuddly boy, IN ADDITION to being totally blind is that you’re bound to be a hit with the ladies. 142 more words

What Max Said... College Girls edition

Last Friday while Therese and Mom toured campus for Therese’s college visit, Max went to a bio class with Ben. While Ben gave a great presentation which earned him praise from the professor, Max sat in a desk playing his DS and waiting for the whole thing to be finished. 138 more words


11 Ways To Treating Women Right

I figured after my last post, it’d only be fair to follow up with the other side of the coin and give men a female’s perspective on things. 1,784 more words

Day 39: 'The difference between a player and a ladies man.'

I’m not flirting. Haven’t been on a date since February 8th. Haven’t kissed since February 2th. Starting to go crazy. I know, it’s the whole point of rehab.