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Macaron Republic

“Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité.”  Born from ‘the Revolution,’ the national motto may be parallel to another brother/sisterhood – courageous foodies.  Attempts made – successful or not – everyone undeniably hopes to create their very own palatable edifice ‘de Triomphe.’  And when it comes to sweet or savoury recipes, conquering French cuisine seems quite daunting.  609 more words


You love me like XO

All my favorite colors, all my favorite things. A bit of colorful pick-me-up on this rainy, dreary Sunday. Back to the office tomorrow!


So you know how I’ve always wanted to try making Macarons but I’ve never actually tasted one? Well today I decided to pay a visit to a French tea shop called Laduree, and Omg it was amazing. 128 more words

Travel-gram -New York

With travel and preparation for school to start, the past few weeks have been hectic. It’s been on my heart to share and blog but finding the balance with everything else going on has proven to be difficult.   434 more words


Marie Antoinette Tea Macarons

I’ve been called a picky eater before, but people who try to assign me that label clearly don’t know me well. Yes, I don’t eat pork, and junk food and gluten make me feel sick. 495 more words

Our Week in Paris (2014)

Will and I love Paris. We love being there. I can’t put my finger on it, but it feels familiar, almost like home… a home where I don’t speak the language, that is. 436 more words