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That Saucy Tart: The Relaunch

Blogging 101 realness with a hint of antibiotic-induced euphoria. Feel my rhetorical fierceness.

Let me tell you a little story about That Saucy Tart. I was once a shrinking violet. 292 more words

Blogging 101

The 8 Things Your Ob/Gyn Wants You To Know

Today, my day job crossed paths with my blogging and here’s what happened: The 8 Things Your Ob/Gyn Wants You To Know

  1. Dirty Socks: Everyone cleans up before going to the Ob/Gyn, right?
  2. 604 more words

MMP#124 - Lady Bits episode 10: This Ain't Your Momma's Feminism...

It’s your great great great grandmomma’s feminism!

Jacqui and LeMar commemorate Women’s Equality Day with a quick lesson in its history. Then, they discuss the progress women have (and haven’t) made since 1920 and dispel myths about feminism that somehow still infect us. 29 more words


MMP#118 - Lady Bits episode 8: Abort Patriarchy

Jacqui and LeMar get all up in the business of abortion, including how to reduce the rates through education and free contraception. They also talk about how a gubernatorial candidate’s abortion confession could help depoliticize abortion, which is a good thing. 113 more words