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My body is revolting

UTI, potential bacterial vaginosis, and the remnants of a yeast infection.

My lady parts are preeetty pissed about something.

They wanted to do a pregnancy test before giving antibiotics. 28 more words

That Saucy Tart: The Relaunch

Blogging 101 realness with a hint of antibiotic-induced euphoria. Feel my rhetorical fierceness.

Let me tell you a little story about That Saucy Tart. I was once a shrinking violet. 292 more words

Blogging 101

The 8 Things Your Ob/Gyn Wants You To Know

Today, my day job crossed paths with my blogging and here’s what happened: The 8 Things Your Ob/Gyn Wants You To Know

  1. Dirty Socks: Everyone cleans up before going to the Ob/Gyn, right?
  2. 604 more words

MMP#124 - Lady Bits episode 10: This Ain't Your Momma's Feminism...

It’s your great great great grandmomma’s feminism!

Jacqui and LeMar commemorate Women’s Equality Day with a quick lesson in its history. Then, they discuss the progress women have (and haven’t) made since 1920 and dispel myths about feminism that somehow still infect us. 29 more words