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Why streaming revenue is no match for live performance income

The continued engine for income and growth for recording artists continues to be live performance.  

The Music Network reported streaming payments from the streaming sites over a 2 year period and you can see the spreads per stream are quite wide at nearly 7.5 cents. 230 more words

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Bordello Death Tales - anthologies make the well deserved comeback from UK

Stars : Eleanor James,Natalie Milner,Tina Barnes and Danielle Laws.

Mad of of three intertwined moments,

First up THE RIPPER -

This jerk has a thing for strippers who moonlight as hookers and does terrible things to them,But his fetish MAY bite him back. 63 more words


(PHOTOS) Morning Wood: Happy 100th Birthday to the Bra

The bra turns 100 this week and we would like to take this moment to tip our dirty turban towards that device that tortures women and men everywhere – … 120 more words


Life Book 2014 - Week Five SUGAR DIVA

Download: 01-born-this-way.m4a

HA, HA ,HA I can’t stop laughing at this goofy looking DIVA. In case if you are wondering, week five of this course is suppose to be a painting of a wacky DIVA. 223 more words

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