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The Dark Side of Lady Godiva

Historians have come across municipal records showing that Lady Godiva  was brought up on charges in the Coventry courts for horsing around in public and was twice accused of being high on horse

Lady Godiva

Inky things

Drawings in chinese ink, surfers, Lady Godiva, temptrseses


Glory Be to Godiva

Chocolate is a food associated with pleasure and romance. It is almost criminal to not give your significant other some chocolate on Valentine’s Day. During the first few days of February, I always hear talk about buying Godiva chocolate. 268 more words

waiting for godiva

…riding naked on the one trick pony of my heart

(iPhone photo, March ’13, of the mysterious runway horse)


Gina Lollobrigida as Lady Godiva

Gina Lollobrigida: Italian actress in movies since the late 1940s, introduced to American audiences in John Huston’s all-star comedy flop, Beat The Devil (1953).


Peeping Tom

In Defense of Voyeurism 

What would have become

of Lady Godiva, if

no one had seen her?


Lady Godiva - naked on a horse to reduce taxes

The noblewoman Lady Godiva rode naked on a horse in the streets of Coventry, at midday on a market day, to get taxes cut. 121 more words