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Second Stop: Lady Marmalade

“Did I wake you?”

Who is this?  What time is it?

I bring my phone around, and as I pry my eyelids open I watch as the blurry image slowly comes into focus, and there before me is the face of: 1,847 more words


Chimeric Internetsuke

No. 1: triskadekaphiliac Hollowhead admires his ranking in World’s Wierdest Netsuke Championship.

No. 2: the Reverse Minotaur. Haunts streets laid out in a simple grid system, hopelessly lost. 116 more words

Bill Herbert

[Restaurant Review] Lady Marmalade

I feel anxious for some reason…no idea why. It’s probably that time of the month lols, is that TMI (too much information)? I’m really into brunch lately but it’s killing my wallet quite a bit. 432 more words

Restaurant Review

"Lady Marmalade" by The Heathers

“It bears repeating,” so we thought we’d feature this again.  Carmen Carrera, Delta Work, Manila Luzon and Raja got back together after being the “Mean Girls” of season 3 and re-created the classic, “Lady Marmalade.” We’re re-featuring the video from YouTube and don’t forget you can purchase the single on iTunes. 7 more words

RuPaul's Drag Race

Happy Mondays - Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches (1990)

This week, there is a provincial election in Ontario.  A time of question dodging.

One of the first question dodges I remember hearing was from when I was in high school.  522 more words


Memories of A Stagehand #1

I worked for several years as a Stagehand, Sound Engineer, and Follow-Spot Operator at the Chatham Cultural Centre. More than a few celebrities came through and performed there; between them, and the multitude of inept amateurs, I’ve collected some amusing stories. 469 more words