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Ladybird, Ladybird

The hunt begins…


No, I am simply looking for something to feed our frog.  Small grasshoppers or crickets are the best food.  Small worms are also excellent, but difficult to find.  507 more words

Suburban Wildlife

Good job, ladybird!

I’m having a bit of a gardening spree today! Clearing up odd jobs, such as repotting okra and sowing cauliflower for overwintering….

Whilst taking a break just now, I noticed a sparrow hopping about the branches of the apple tree. 124 more words


http://www.facebook.com/BlossomCushions Cute #handmade Large Glass Bottle Necklace, Unruly Ladybirds – what’s this a jar full of reindeer moss? Ow no those pesky LadyBirds just won’t stay put, it seems they’d rather explore than stay in their little habitat. 42 more words

There's Got To Be An Easier Way

As human beings we view our world from the perspective of human scale. As such a teasel head will fit in the palm of our hand and the spines appear relatively small and innocuous. 314 more words

Landscape Photography

Contrast (Weekly Photo Challenge)

Walking on to school to collect The Boy the other day, I spotted these two lovely ladies basking in the afternoon sun.

There were actually four of them, the two others being yellow and red with black splodges instead of spots but sadly they refused to group together and pose for the camera. 24 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge