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Systems Theory

By Gordon Rugg

Systems theory is about what happens when individual items are connected and become a system. “Items” in this context can be anything physical and/or abstract, which gives you a pretty huge scope. 3,503 more words


Comparable day in MDX using "lag" or "ParallelPeriod"

In many companies people want to compare todays sales with the comparable date last year. To find out what date the comparable day is we usually goes 364 days back from today. 277 more words


Summer sale - 20% off the Handbook

Our publisher LAG is running a summer sale. For August only, it is offering 20% off the Handbook and up to 30% off a range of its other excellent titles. 8 more words


Im back...

Hey guys, meant to make a post sooner, but anyways, im back.

Was busy for a few days, and then i was in the hospital for a few days, i should be active again though. 14 more words


HP - Netgear | Trunk configuration between and HP Procurve and a Netgear GSM7352

How to create a trunk between an HP Procurve switch and a Netgear GSM7352S. First I start on the Netgear switch. By going to the Tab: Switching > LAG. 124 more words


Is Fantage Lagging Too Much After A While?

Log out then log back in
then fantage becomes REALLY fast :)