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Rumble Arena 1 Evolution Effect V2

Rumble Arena 1 Evolution Effect V2

most of you remember my first Evolution Effect… 1 year ago … you can see it in this picture: 35 more words

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Lag Is Not What You Think It Is (Updated)

Updated With a “Note” Halfway  Down

The obsession in the video era of creating or maintaining the “lag” in one’s down swing has been one that has ruined many a good swing trying to make it better. 1,245 more words

WAX Golf

#206 Don't lose your shirt!

Certainly not if it is one of these! I was approached by LosAngelesGraff who asked if I would be prepared to feature his T Shirts in my blog. 273 more words


Warlords of Draenor Launch from Hell

So after a few months of absolute boredom, the next expansion of World of Warcraft launched last Thursday. Well, things did not go very well. There were server crashes, incredible lag issues and more. 381 more words


Does Webstorm seem slow to regain focus when switching between applications? (Windows)


I’ve been using the Webstorm IDE for all my JavaScript/HTML/CSS development.  Like any developer, I’m constantly alt-tabbing between Webstorm and the Browser as well as other applications.   89 more words

Why Is He Allowed To Do That?!: Facilitating Rage-quitting In Video Games

If you have ever played an online game of 1v1 PvP, you have likely experienced a rage-quitter. Leaving a game before it is finished to avoid potential humiliation, protect win ratios or even just to spoil the victory of the opponent, rage quitting is a phenomenon unique to gaming but hardly new, so the question remains why rage quitting is still somewhat ignored by the majority of developers. 825 more words


GIMP and Graphics lag.

I have been using G.I.M.P SINCE 1999 (version 0.99b) but have only had a Macbook since late 2012.

A few months back I maxed out the ram to 16Gig but noticed that G.I.M.P was lagging when calling up commands and really struggling while working on a book cover (sys report showed only half the ram was in use!) its taken me ages but last week I found the issue. 48 more words