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Man, That's Hoss!

Man, I’ve got to say, with an honest heart, that Lagwagon was absolutely fuggin’ amazing last night, er, at least from what I can gather. Today was painful, if ya know what mean. 18 more words


Saturday, January 17, 2015

I’m off to see the Wagon tonight. I’ve listened to these guys for nearly 18 years… I was only 16 when I’d first heard them, and until tonight, I’d never seen them. 13 more words


Top 10 Albums of 2014 - Amateur Music Critic Edition

I don’t claim to be a music expert, but I’m very passionate about it. I like what I like – it’s not all mainstream, so a lot of the bands on this list may be head scratchers for casual fans. 1,068 more words


Lagwagon - Lullaby

It’s been a Lagwagon kind of day for me and I just kindda picked a random song from them cuz I wasn’t gunna have their entire discography as my daily jam. 45 more words


Lagwagon. Yes, it’s pop punk, and yes, it is a defining and monumental element of my past, but it sure mother (expletive) beats the living (expletive) out of anything Red Hot Chili Peppers ever produced, up to and including 1991’s… 18 more words


I must be hateful

Siempre es bueno terminar el día con música.


First names Groezrock 2015

Belgian punk/hardcore festival Groezrock has announced its first batch of names for 2015. Refused was already made public, and now 47 more. All names are listed below. 117 more words