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Toilet paper

I have been hearing the roar of the train for some time, at least a year. All indicators were that Boeing was moving its Customer Services out of the Tukwila office buildings that it had occupied since 1990 (my initial interview with the vice-president of field service happened that year – I can remember that meeting in vivid detail): taking “Customer Services” off the sign on the street corner, painting the interior, new carpet thru-out, refurbishing some of the rest rooms – all those things you do to ‘spruce up’ the joint prior to selling it. 664 more words

Flour. Water. Sauce. And Cheese.

“I need a 18” blah blah blah- on the fly!” he said. The mumbling of questions circulates. “… Was it our fault?” from one person, and then another “… who screwed up? 687 more words


Random Monday Thoughts

This morning I had fantastic realization– the fear and anxiety of not knowing what comes next in my life, are far more manageable than the stress and anxiety I faced at my job everyday. 238 more words

2013 sucked. It really did. At least for me it did.

In October I knew I needed to make changes if I was determined to improve my circumstances. 566 more words


Who's that talking?

Do you resist your inner voice?  We know when we’re not doing what’s right for us because we feel it deep in our core.  We hear that little inner voice that knows when we are doing “the wrong thing”.  189 more words

Business Owner

T-Shirt Store

I got laid off from my job* a couple weeks back. Tough job market out there and it may be a while before I find another one. 201 more words

Laid off and loving it

I am new to the blogger world.  In fact, I haven’t so much as written in my journal for the past 2 years.

I became so engrossed in finding a career over the past 6 years that I have lost all perspective on who I really was.  141 more words