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Funemployed Jam'o The Day - Anna Sun


There’s something about this song that I just love…I think it’s the line about your shoulder in my mouth (RAWR) and it’s upbeat dance-y vibe.   11 more words

Laid Off

It's Like They Knew I Had Time On My Hands

Check out this post on LAist for a new app by YACHT that shows you 5 things each day that you can do around LA.

Laid Off

Little Things = The New Big Things

I’ve noticed…since I’m in my apartment much more than I used to be…that my internet service seems to have a cadence.  During the day, during the week: no problemo.   153 more words

Laid Off

7 Days


One more week until I get to study abroad! WOOOOOO!

This week has been very difficult. I was let go from my job on Tuesday. I haven’t had much motivation to work out (and I’m supposed to be on week 3 of marathon training). 378 more words

Love What you Do!


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I've always envied those for whom this was a given. For me it's something new and exciting.