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The Evening Post: Easter Videos From Mishka The Husky and Nana Border Collie

Let’s wrap up Easter by featuring two more cute animal videos with some Easter eggs.  The first video from the YouTube channel gardea23 features Mishka and Laika learning to open some Easter eggs to get dog treats!   68 more words

The Evening Post

Woof! I have a place in space - Laika, the first mammal in orbit

Yesterday, April 12, the world remembered with emotion the amazing achievement of Yuri Gagarin, the first man to watch Earth from space.(http://www.space.com/25470-human-spaceflight-yuri-gagarin-anniversaries.html). 53 years ago mankind reached the ultimate frontier. 349 more words

Space Matters

There Is No Dark Side of the Moon...

Big Finish Folly, Part 55a – 1963: The Space Race, by Jonathan Morris

Vostok 7 was an eight day manned flight that was originally planned for the last quarter of 1963. 405 more words

Doctor Who

Meet Melissa the Busker and Her Dog Laika - What a Big Surprise!

My sister and I went to the British Museum on Sunday (more about that some other time).  While we were wandering around London, we came across a busker called Melissa… 51 more words


Artist Applies Clay Medium to 'The Legend of Zelda'

Artist Gabriel Salas used clay to create a piece of “The Legend of Zelda” fan art. This beautiful composition has a similar look to Laika… 35 more words

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