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On the bus to Lake Baikal and Olkhon Island

It will be a long six hours and a tight fit to Lake Baikal. Not much leg space and a large babushka, faintly smelling of…borscht sat by me, rather too close for comfort and spilling all over me with her doughy bare arms. 794 more words

Lake Baikal

How to reconcile construction projects of new hotels, infrastructures and steady increase in tourism with areas that have remained largely untouched until today and where anthropological exploitation was limited to traditional pastoral activities or the presence of a few hunting lodges ? 227 more words


Buryatia's nature resources for tourism

The constituent republic of Buryatia enjoys a quite complete infrastructure for tourism, such as hotels, spa treatment centres, cultural and entertainment centres. Buryatia’s nature and tourism resources are diverse and numerous. 207 more words


A view from the field.

Since we’re half a year away from the traditional academic time period known as “field season” (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), I’ve been thinking a lot about being out and about. 401 more words

Field Work

The Bio- Diversity As Well As Indulgence in Water Adventure at Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is situated in South– eastern Russian area of Siberia. This lake is about 25 million years old and is the largest as well as deepest freshwater lake in the world. 181 more words

Lake Baikal

Camera Installed at Bottom of Earth’s Deepest Lake

Scientists have installed a video camera on the bottom of Lake Baikal which will transmit live footage to the internet. Those interested can observe life in the world’s deepest lake, the maximum depth of which is a staggering 1,642 metres (5,287 feet.), while its mean depth is 744 metres (2,440 f… 7 more words