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Have a Su? No, But I Can Point You to a Lake....

Lake Havasu City, Arizona, that is. Okay… so it was a stretch for a catchy title, and a little too long, but hey… can’t beat the price of admission, can you? 246 more words

Full-time RVing

Wretched Richard's Almanac: If You Believe This, I've Got a Bridge . . .

April 18, 1968

Famous real estate deals abound — the sale of Manhattan for beads, the Louisiana Purchase, Seward’s Folly. One of the more unusual is the April 18, 1968, sale of London Bridge for a mere $1 million (of course, as any schoolchild knows, the thing was falling down). 189 more words


Lake Havasu Vacation

I recently visited Arizona for a week and spent a couple of amazing days in Lake Havasu. My Husband and I got to celebrate our 4-year wedding anniversary with two whole nights away from the kiddo. 130 more words

Hula Hooping

Arizona angler hooks, lands lunker sunfish

In the Southeastern US, the word “bream” tends to be a catchall term applied to any number of sunfish with such varied monikers as “bluegill,” “sun perch,” “shellcrackers,” “warmouth” and, my favorite, “stump knockers.” 319 more words



After work today, I jumped in my car and took off across the Arizona desert heading to Lake Havasu. It was a pleasant enjoyable drive once I got out of Phoenix Rush Hour Traffic. 170 more words

Guest Post - Legendary Lake Havasu: Arizona's Best Kept Secret

A popular spring­break destination, Lake Havasu is more than just a March college hotspot. Instead, Lake Havasu features an assortment of attractions for the entire family. 516 more words


Spring Break In Lake Havasu

The moment spring break began we started the hourly countdown to starting the trip we had been waiting for, for months! The time had finally come and we started 0ur 9 hour drive to Lake Havasu City, Arizona. 209 more words