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Pukaskwa Series 3

Another copper sand beach in the wilderness of Pukaskwa. What caught my eye was the way the rocky outcrop resurfaced as it fell into the water, the rhythm of the shoreline seemed to echo the rhythm of the water.



Good evening!

“Where do the days go?” I ask myself.  I rise early, turn up the heat, have coffee, do yoga, eat breakfast and have one more coffee. 481 more words

Dancing in the waves

Dear Friends, this immature seagull is dancing in the waves of Lake Superior.  I think he is a ring billed gull and he was hunting food in the waves.   18 more words



Fab photo Sunset over clouds on Lake Superior taken by Archbob.

General Life


I’ve never run a marathon but I’ve read many accounts by runners who have. Nearly all of them talk about the mental challenge of it: staying focused and calm, especially in miles 23 and 24 when the end seems so far away and the pain in your body is overwhelming. 193 more words