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The Night They Bombed Uvira - Changing Arrangements

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We headed for home, giving our park guide a lift on the way.  We passed a couple of recreational beaches close into Bujumbura, potentially a good spot for families to hold a Sunday Afternoon picnic, but in reality a more seedy den.  843 more words


The Night They Bombed Uvira - Mini Safari in the Delta

 The Ruzizi, like many river deltas, split.  The Petit Ruzizi formed the border with Congo.  A couple of miles to the east, the Grande Ruzizi formed the border of the Ruzizi National Park, a small area of forest along the coastline.  674 more words


Tanzania: With Gas Already in Its Bag Tanzania's Rift System Set to Become Next Oil Frontier

Original Story by Chaby Barasa for Tanzania daily News

IF recent geological findings are anything to go by, the East African Rift System (EARS) is poised to become the next big thing for oil companies, more so Tanzania where there are numerous areas with the possibility of striking oil. 350 more words


The Night They Bombed Uvira - Lazy Sunday

Sunday morning I continued to work, Jerod watched a recording of Saturday’s Chelsea match; despite not having been to the UK, he had developed a taste for British soccer and decided Chelsea was his team.  560 more words


The Night They Bombed Uvira - Let the Celebrations Begin!

Activities were well under way.  A large covered shelter had been set up opening to a wide stretch of sandy ground.  The villagers had been out since early morning, clearing the litter around the village, cleaning the fish scales and guts from the hard, and there had been a tree planting ceremony.  575 more words

The Night They Bombed Uvira

The Night They Bombed Uvira - World Environment Day

In the end they did go, and David came back with a big grin on his face, his own personal fears conquered for the sake of a great experience, and a bit of a coup for the project that he was able to make much needed contact with the Congolese scientists.  741 more words