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5411 Empanadas

Aka little pockets of joy!

Before I went to 5411, when I thought of empanadas, I thought of fried Latin American food. However, the empanadas from 5411 are Argentinian style and are baked, not fried. 228 more words

Early Morning at the Lake

Quiet morning together at the lake.
What I wouldn’t give to be there now.


Day 40: Copacabana

First city in Bolivia! I’ve finally made it out of Peru and into Bolivia, my second and final country. I must say, I loved Peru and am pretty sad to be leaving. 546 more words


I Scream, You Scream...

Well guys, the weather has been borderline decent for a little while now. Dare I say its summer yet? No, I can’t commit to that yet. 157 more words


Lake Living In Season Near Kansas City

It seems to be highly common to hear “I’m heading to the lake this weekend” when asking someone what their weekend plans might consist of in Kansas City. 253 more words

Johnson County