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The Value of Sacrifice...

One Lakota Creation story tells of how the Lakota people came into world thru a hole in the Earth. One person stayed behind and when he came out, he saw the people dying of famine and so he turned himself into a bison ( 355 more words


Meet the Lakota Tribe Grandmother Teaching Thousands How to Get Arrested to Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline

Debra White Plume has galvanized an international coalition of grassroots activists.

April 11, 2014  |

 Evelyn Nieves, http://www.alternet.org

Photo Credit: Kent Lebsock; Screenshot / YouTube.com… 1,252 more words

Roger Hollander

Sun Dance: Returning home to the place of Spirit

The first Sun Dance (Wiwanyang Wacipi) I attended was in Marty, South Dakota on the Yankton rez. I had come for my Naming Ceremony and knew very little about Sun Dance and what it represented and I was most grateful to be invited by my new friends. 338 more words


Prayer of Grace

There is a huge grey cloud forming above my head. I can feel it, especially this morning, the mood within was this dark grey, heavy pressure cloudy day, with chances of rain storm, and dust storms all at the same time. 340 more words

Healthy Treats!

Picture Perfect: the ultimate sacrifice?

Joseph Stands in Sun walked up to Will, waiting beneath the forked cottonwood pole. He murmured something in Lakota, and then lifted a bright silver skewer.

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Explanation of the Lakota Medicine Wheel

My people, the Oglala Lakota, like other Native American Tribes, viewed life around them as very wakan, Sacred. The circle was seen as the basis for every part of human and animal life, the earth and sky around us, and even the universe and stars. 839 more words

Hands-on learning for the Lakota (Sioux) students

Jeshua shared in his blog some of the hands-on learning opportunities the Lakota students have on St. Joseph’s campus like drum circle and inipi ( 513 more words

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