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Spirituality and Smudging at St. Joseph’s Indian School

Good afternoon! I am LaRayne, St. Joseph’s Native American Studies Teacher.

Spirituality is an important part of our mission at St. Joseph’s Indian School – to educate for life, mind, body, heart and spirit. 490 more words

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Kent Nerburn - Neither Wolf Nor Dog (excerpt)

I hope as a species we soon will have raised our consciousness enough to become aware of the importance of understanding the indigenous wisdom. Here is Kent Nerburn’s heartfelt introduction to the story called Neither Wolf Nor Dog, which among other things shows how the cabal has left the indigenous people as neither a wolf nor a dog — exactly what they are now attempting to do to everyone on the planet as the remove our many different cultures  — even bombing them into nothingness — and immerse us in little more than a culture of fear.   1,511 more words

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@@@ Kelty Women's Lakota 60 Backpack, Waterfall reviews

Kelty Women’s Lakota 60 Backpack, Waterfall

Kelty Women’s Lakota 60 Backpack, Waterfall. If you looking for Kelty Women’s Lakota 60 Backpack, Waterfall. For more details of Kelty Women’s Lakota 60 Backpack, Waterfall, please follow the link below. 87 more words


Charging backward into battle
on my yellow big-wheel tricycle
the enemy stands confounded
like so many pillars of salt
as if this were the Dead Sea. 90 more words

A Special Visit from the Black Lodge Singers

Dear Benefactors,

It is another beautiful day in the neighborhood here at St. Joseph’s Indian School! Things are off to a good start as we continue to welcome students back on campus. 346 more words

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Two Spirited

Being Native American I grew up learning about the ‘Two Spirit’ people who in the Lakota culture played a role in our society. I was told that they were people born with both the spirit of a man and a woman. 257 more words


Native language learning strategies: Táku lúha hwo/he? by Matt Remle*

Losing the language means losing the culture. We need to know who we are because it makes a difference in who our children are… 519 more words

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