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Pride in St. Joseph’s Team

Good afternoon from deep in the heart of Texas!

With orientation for new staff and all staff just around the corner, I have taken a few days to make a quick visit to my mother in the San Antonio area and enjoy some vacation time.  542 more words

Native American

A Rumbling Cultural Memory

“I have never met an Indian person who didn’t somewhere deep inside struggle with anger and sadness at what has happened to their people, and I have never met an honest and aware non-Indian person in America who didn’t somewhere deep inside struggle with guilt about what we as a culture have done to the people who inhabited the country before us. 68 more words

Rez Life

Day 201 In the Pursuit of Love (Are We a Good Country?)

We base our pasts on what we’ve been told — not on what was excluded.

A little boy went to our local library to sign out his first book. 559 more words



( I recommend to everyone to click on your favorite photos to see a bigger version of the photo. Most of these look much better in a larger format) 382 more words

The World is a Classroom: Stone Circles and Cairns

I’ve been asked (and privileged) to give a brief, short talk tomorrow in northwestern North Dakota on how to identify stone circles (often called tipi rings) and stone cairns. 96 more words

Hello from St. Joseph’s Personal Care Center!

Hello my name is Julie and I’m the Manager of our Personal Care Center. As a Personal Care Specialist I have the privilege of working with our awesome donors, answering any questions they might have about the school or our Native American students, and also just getting to know them a little more which is the best part! 482 more words

Native American

An Eye-Opener

More from our Guest Blogger, a youth from the 2014 Encampment!

Note: Each morning, the Encampment begins with a Morning Inspiration, prepared by youth and/or staff. 326 more words