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Baby photos at last

I had a chance to get out with our regular camera this afternoon and get a few photos of our beautiful baby goats. The girls are doing really well and were bouncing around annoying their mama Zelda while she was trying to eat her lunch!  36 more words

LaMancha Goats

First arrivals

Zelda held out until this afternoon sometime. I looped home before going on to errands (or I thought I was going to do errands) and I found Zelda in the greenhouse. 58 more words



Another week in the life. It’s getting warmer, slowly, and of course that means MUD! That will be the new complaint flavor of the day from now until June, I am sure. 178 more words



For our upcoming goatie babies. Doing what we can to make sure we have everything we need for taking care of our little ones at birth and right after. 281 more words


It's all about the wind

The weather, again. Still. Winter and blowing. Although this past week’s promised Nor’easter blew the gale they said it would, it thankfully delivered no snow here. 183 more words


It's official!

While making my rounds at feeding time I usually check on udders and backsides as I go around. I love seeing how the sheep and goat udders begin to just slightly develop, and watching those gives us a pretty good idea of how close we are to lambing or kidding. 125 more words

LaMancha Goats

Saturday at last

And it’s almost over! Aagh! No, seriously, it was such a beautiful day I couldn’t believe it. In the 40s, at least for one day. Every little bit helps. 345 more words