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Milking has officially recommenced

SnowPea’s boys are amazingly cute, but they were more than ready to be weaned. I couldn’t milk their mama until they were, or gone. In the beginning when the babies are small, they don’t drink up all of their mother’s milk and I can get in there and get some uneven amounts. 286 more words


July Pippi update

Just general relaxation is ruling the morning so far. I had a chance to sit with the goats and enjoy the nibbling and requests for neck scratches and pats while doing chores, which is a nice way to start the weekend. 269 more words


Summer Solstice breakout

All week I have been freeing up green panels wherever they are not being useful, planning to get them in a spot so I can let the mamas and babies into an area that has a lot of weeds and grass. 279 more words


Finally Friday

First day of summer vacation. Awesomely wonderful even if I had to take my husband for his 10¬†year colonoscopy! It wasn’t work, so that was a thrill. 122 more words


Snapshot of today

The weather sounded iffy today, but it turned out to be okay. I spent some good time with the goaties this afternoon. Marigold and Iris can’t stop climbing all over me, and the others are beginning to be a little more comfortable as well. 26 more words



The green time is finally upon us and it’s such a relief! This past winter seemed to drag out an exceptionally long time. The leaves are still a lighter shade of green right now, and it’s lovely to drive up the street and see everything filling out, in all shades, and leaves in all different sizes. 122 more words

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