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What have they done with the sun

Really! This is ridiculous. They promised sun today, but we woke up to frantic snow showers, then drizzle, then just more grey. I am wildly optimistic for tomorrow, because I need to believe that there will be sun there at least for awhile. 207 more words


Another week, still bad weather

It just has not gotten much better. We are having driving rain and sleet on top of a week of below freezing temps. Yay. Just what we need! 135 more words


Icy, Grey Wednesday

Another weather turn for the worse. Woke up this morning to sleet, ice and then some rain on top. Luckily our school district called a two-hour delay, so I was even able to put off chores for an hour. 100 more words


Thanksgiving after all

We ended up doing Thanksgiving on Friday. Our electricity returned late in the afternoon on Thursday, so there was no point in getting a 16 pound turkey in the oven then. 320 more words


All tarped up on Thanksgiving

Just in time, too. Our greenhouse covers are pretty torn up, most on their last legs. I have been planning┬áto use the milking greenhouse as the girl’s shelter for the winter, and we have a heavy-duty tarp on order, but it won’t be in until next week. 283 more words


Dairy Goats

We chose two LaMancha does to begin our goat journey.

Magna Fig and Sahne Thistle are twin does born Memorial Day 2014. They came from a local family who raises both LaMancha and Nubian goats for milk. 219 more words

Bottle Fed

Warm and sunny Sunday

What a pleasant day! 50 F and sunny! I don’t know if we will be getting any more like this, so I┬áhad to make the most of it. 216 more words