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Columbus Day weekend 2014

I couldn’t wait for the weekend, and it’s been great so far. We went out to breakfast this morning at a local Round Pond eaterie, John went up to Jay, Maine, to register the pigeons for tomorrow’s race, and I had some down-time at home to do some cheesemaking chores and a little paperwork. 178 more words

LaMancha Goats

Hi, My Name Is RC, And I Am (NOT) A Goat Hoarder

I still find it ironic. Four years ago, if you’d have told me by this time I’d be married and raising goats, I’d have laughed outright. 354 more words


Friday fun?

Not. It was barely even Friday when my husband and I sat up straight in bed (3 a.m.), listening to something outside screaming bloody murder. Blood-curdling screams. 466 more words


And it's here

At last the weekend! All I could think of this morning was how much my feet ached and hurt, even after an extremely good night’s rest. 483 more words


Almost there

Yes, teachers do long for the end of the first full week of school! It’s wonderful to catch up with the returning students, realize how much more mature most of them are, but it’s always chaos with the schedules that need to be tweaked, and all the other little things that are not in place yet. 252 more words


SnowPea and the boys

Things around here have been pretty quiet this past week, with the exception of the boys and their pre-breeding behaviors. They continue their beauty regimes by making sure their faces and beards are totally saturated with urine, and they stand near the fence making what they think are “come hither” noises.  180 more words


Very blue sky day

It’s like autumn out there, and I wish it would stay that way! I love it. But as usual, the hot humid weather is arriving on Tuesday, just in time for the first day of school for the kids. 162 more words