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"Iowa GOP should drop straw Poll"

Event is damaging reputation of Iowa’s caucuses

Even the premise of the article by James Strohman, political science professor at ISU, is wrong. (It is very scary that he and that other nitwit Steffen Schmidt might have contact with students.) The straw poll is not the caucus! 390 more words

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Can Gordon Ball beat Lamar?

Our guess is no, if the state’s “top” paper can’t even spell his last name.

Bob Ries Could Win

Conventional wisdom says Congressman Jim Cooper is a lock for re-election, but a look at the numbers may say otherwise.

While the 5th District goes Democrat in Presidential elections, in the last three… 141 more words

Tracy's Class, Carr's an A$$

A few days ago, State Senator Jim Tracy conceded his loss to embattled Congressman Scott DesJarlais after losing by just 38 votes in the August 7th Republican Primary. 138 more words

Steve Gill Swings and Misses. Again.

You’d think a guy with a law degree who once hosted a nationally syndicated talk radio program would get it right at some point. But you’d be wrong. 322 more words

Ball's a Balla

Speaking of the primaries, it seems the Democrats have nominated a high-rolling trial lawyer as their nominee for U.S. Senate.  You’d think the vetting process of the primary would weed this stuff out, but we’ve already concluded that the TNDP is irrelevant. 60 more words