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Dish With Trish At Sonoma WIne Garden


Family time at Sonoma Wine Garden! My nephew, Niko came for a visit.
Spent the afternoon on the outdoor patio, enjoying delicious food while catching up.

Dish With Trish

walk the valley.

I just sat in the hay and felt her heart stop beating.  I picked her little body up, with her mama watching,”No please Jesus…please…please….” and I just kept whispering “please.”  Benita’s head just sank and her ears fell as she nudged her baby … and then I just lost it. 568 more words



This little lamb was lying and relaxing on the grass. But it also had something of a contemplative mode over it, so that inspired me to turn this picture into b/w and give it an appropriate title :)


Miss Lippy- Lovin' D-Style's New Fashion Range!-CHECK IT!

Hello There! D-style has released some awesome new items to add to the massive range they already have….WOW….the HUD option for these clothes are just epic! 111 more words



We’re in London. We’re a French restaurant. We’re inspired by British cuisine. We’re also a little bit Kiwi. Well, Chef Russell is a lot Kiwi, but there are always are few Australasians poking around with varying degrees of Kiwiana engraved upon their hearts, disrupting our airwaves with nasally accents.


"Come sail your ships around me."

“Come sail your ships around me,

And burn your bridges down.

We make a little history baby,

Every time you come around.


Come loose your dogs upon me, 136 more words

* The Swag

Lamb bolognese

Oh man, always better than beef. Rich, farmy flavor—if you’re into that kind of thing, and I hope you are.
This is my standard, simple bolognese recipe. 23 more words