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Days soon getting longer....time for Lambing!

The ewes are currently putting on weight, getting ready for lambing.   They were with the rams in August, and there is a gestation period of about 5 months so the… 229 more words


Missed Posts, 1: Puppytime

What a year! I don’t think I’ve ever been so busy as I was in 2014. Completely lunatic. Absolutely mad. You might have thought that after damn-near 70 years (in 6 weeks) on this planet, I would have learnt to plan my life a bit better. 843 more words

My Life

Early arrival of lamb

Monday morning and a ewe held back from the meal trough so a dose of electrolytes and a run out in the field. She returned at lunchtime because of rain but she still was “under the weather”. 84 more words


Preparing for Lambing

There are many many things to think about prior to lambing. Lets suppose that Day zero is the day of lambing, It all depends on how far back in the time line you want to go… 719 more words


Break dancing ewes have ticklish lady parts

Today Warren, our friend Marty, and I had to get the ewes ready for lambing.

The girls have spent several months with Romeo (that’s really his name; not many rams bother with a little kissing and nuzzling before the fireworks, but he does, and he has a lovely big frame, and truly exceptional wool too.)  With 23 ewes to settle, he is tired and lean now, but looks happy.   658 more words


Pre-lambing feeding for the pedigree ewes

Got a 18% protein ration for pre-lambing feeding of the pedigree ewes today. The ewes carrying multiple lambs (triplets and quads) were started to be fed 250gms/day of a 14% ration since 16th October and gradually increased to 500gms/day by 30th October and now they are being changed over to 600gms of an 18% ration. 38 more words


Don't care what they say, cider will always be part of my 5 a day!

Recent news reports suggest that fruit juice is not as healthy as previously believed and that some fizzy drinks may be better for you. Well personally I think if we all stick to “natural” ingredients and simple sugars in moderation, this has to be healthier than artificial sweeteners and flavourings. 319 more words

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