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Pre-lambing feeding for the pedigree ewes

Got a 18% protein ration for pre-lambing feeding of the pedigree ewes today. The ewes carrying multiple lambs (triplets and quads) were started to be fed 250gms/day of a 14% ration since 16th October and gradually increased to 500gms/day by 30th October and now they are being changed over to 600gms of an 18% ration. 38 more words


Don't care what they say, cider will always be part of my 5 a day!

Recent news reports suggest that fruit juice is not as healthy as previously believed and that some fizzy drinks may be better for you. Well personally I think if we all stick to “natural” ingredients and simple sugars in moderation, this has to be healthier than artificial sweeteners and flavourings. 319 more words

Kates Country School

Dairy Sheep

After giving serious consideration to factoring one or more milk goats into our homestead operation, and chatting with a friend about the thought, my inclination is now leaning in a different direction, one so often overlooked: dairy sheep. 447 more words


Tupping season

Noun chiefly British, a male sheep; ram

Here we are in October again … This year has flown… and it is tupping time here on Knight farm!! 329 more words