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Um hi.

Okay, no, that was a super lame ‘hi’. Lemme start again.

Hiya, how you doin’? That was also kinda stupid, but I tried, right? 330 more words

The Long and Exhausting Road to Bed

This is how I feel after I put the kids to bed.

I was going to write a really amusing post about friendship and my friendship rules. 453 more words

Confessions of a professional television watcher...

Now, I know I am not the only professional television watcher out there (holla guys), SO I’m sure that as silly as this is, my sudden epiphany is going to resonate with some of you out there (yeah you, I see you). 451 more words

Late Replies & their lame excuses!

We liveĀ in the world of technology. Texting is a normal daily routine in our time.

In the world of texting, there are two types of people: The good, nice people who reply back instantly and others who take ages to reply.

512 more words

7/10/2014 healthcare notes


7/10/2014 -
mild limp during late pm short walk
frightened by thunder
12:15am – 12:30+ compulsively licking left leg. 349 more words


So I just found out about October and I need some time to pass before I can establish my feelings about this.

The Chronicles Of RK

suck. - untitled.

artist: suck.
title: untitled.
keywords: ???, electronic, experimental, industrial, ambient, bad dark ambient, noise, feedback, harsh noise,, lame, loser noise, noise ambient, power electronics, Alentown… 671 more words