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Suicide but Different

Imagine being trapped inside your own mind, a jail of your own invention, being stuck with your own thoughts swirling around and around, taunting you, telling you things you wish you’d never heard. 611 more words


Playing the Lame Game...

They say that problems come in 3’s…

If so, then the sudden rash of  ‘lameness’ that’s been catching here on the farm of late should be over soon… 376 more words


The Life But Not As You Know It

Delilah Grace was living the life. She had a perfect boyfriend, she had perfect friends, she had a perfect life all around. Until her life crumbled slowly around her after her “perfect” boyfriend dumped her. 64 more words


Introducing Hotel Holmes

  Hotel Holmes just went live on Booktrack! It is a short story that I submitted for the Booktrack  Halloween competition and it’s now available to read. 122 more words

The Reading

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Thunder clapped against the sky and the girl shuddered. She knew something was out there, something that shouldn’t be.

There is a saying used to warn little children not wander off, to save them from the dangers of the world. 779 more words


10 Must-Read Books That... I'm the Last Person on Earth to Read

I love reading. I do! I’ve enjoyed reading all of my life. As one of those kids who were swept away with the Harry Potter craze, I’ve loved reading since I was a small child. 752 more words


Food 4 the Soul: A Beggar's Blessing

Today’s post was inspired by a meal consisting of braised beef and asian noodles, served with sauteed tomato and celery. This meal surprised me by not only being quick to prepare, but offered a satisfying eating experience, it gave me more than what I expected of it. 284 more words