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Does God Hate Me?

 This poem, along with “The Great Abyss, ” was written while attending the Moline church of Christ on 3/25/06. My journal records that I wrote 3 poems at this time of very dark depression. 394 more words

My Poems

Sorrowful Mother

Given today’s memorial, I figured I’d post this as I have been working on it some more.  The background needed to be pushed darker so that the figures would come forward fully, and a little more detail added to the faces and hands.   20 more words

Oil Sketch

September 11

I can’t help but remember what happened that day because in this land between two protective oceans no one will let you forget. Nor should we forget the deaths of innocents caused by combatants. 1,622 more words



A word as beautiful

As a flower

With many opened

Holes of deceit in deed


A word sought

From mouths of worthy beings… 111 more words


it's about authenticity

When I was in Romania I wanted to try and become Romanian. Of course I could never become an authentic Romanian but I saw it as a challenge-direction and it didn’t matter to me that it was a feat I’d never accomplish. 385 more words


Please Mind

Please Mind
Living Arts of Tulsa
Saturday, September 20, 2014, 8pm

On Saturday, September 20, 2014 at Living Arts of Tulsa, artist, Marianne Evans-Lombe, will perform… 264 more words


How Do I Let Go, Papa?

The sting of Death lingers
even to this very day,
Memories of you in my heart
is where it will forever stay

I cherish the last few years… 339 more words