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Still going with Shardlake: Lamentation

I like Shardlake, I really do, and I eagerly awaited ‘Lamentation’ til it was available on my e-reader on Diwali Day. Seriously. I had been clock watching, counting down the days. 556 more words


Psalms – “How long, O Lord?”

While there is a book of the Bible titled Lamentations, the book that contains the most laments is the book of Psalms.  A lament/lamentation is an expression of sorrow or complaint.  143 more words



Lamentation is the sixth novel in C.J. Sansom’s critically acclaimed Shardlake series, which I’ve already blogged about in two parts.This novel sees Shardlake once again embroiled in the treacherous nature of court politics under Henry VIII, acting on behalf of Queen Catherine. 854 more words

sigh oh sigh

as I allude to in the story/article we now anticipate, it is impossible to say much bad about where we are now. It’s nice. It’s really nice. 18 more words


This Rotten Edifice

This Rotten Edifice

I see the rotten edifice we have constructed, and I weep.

I see people labouring to buy things under the misapprehension it will make them happy. 210 more words



I’m so excite… I have just seen that the author C.J. Sansom is publishing Lamentation,  the next in his series of novels about Shardlake, the Tudor detective. 475 more words


Misery Explained

Aging: This form of suffering has the characteristic of deterioration of the bodily organs and faculties. 258 more words