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“Oh, for the days when I was in my prime,
    when God’s intimate friendship blessed my house,
when the Almighty was still with me
    and my children were around me….” 531 more words


Clearing Jetsam

When this jetsam

A tide too high to stem

This vessel cleaves and splinters

This varied clumped debris

Orbits round like tired carousels

My head rises… 22 more words


Clearing Flotsam

Clouds of dark grey

Hang heavy over dreary loss

Blocking light’s true path

The rat race thickens

Warm respite not to be had

With futures in flux… 25 more words


2014 #274 (internet love/hate)

you make the sorriest idol
and a disciple gets no choice
but to become the sorriest addict,
knowing you need to die
but the labor involved in devising… 33 more words



A salty gush

To dilute

Muddy tracks

Left behind

Draining slurry

To nooks

And crannies

Safe places

Where it can


Not forgotten

At peace


New Found Truth

Since the beginning

I accepted you

Your flaws benign

To me

Enriching your being

Not once

Did my love waver

That boon

never returned

I gave freely… 14 more words



There are few more pleasurable things than to find an author you have not read before, and then find you have just read the first book in a series and there are more to follow! 421 more words