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Lumio - The light which opens like a book

Lumio is a beautiful book-shaped lamp, with an incredibly simple idea. To turn on, you open the book up. To turn off, you close. The disguised lamp runs on a lithium-ion battery which provides 8 hours of charge, meaning the Lumio is the perfect portable light. 31 more words


Boho chic tassel

I made this tassel yesterday as a gift for my friend Barbara. I added tons of beads, though many are hidden in the depths of the tassel.  241 more words

Terrarium Table Lamp

Ahhh so this new terrarium obsession may be going a bit too far (although you already knew that if you happened to glance at my terrarium jewellery post) but this is one item I cannot get out of my mind. 85 more words

Feast of color

Sitting on the mezzanine level, this beautiful lamp hanging from the high ceiling right away caught my attention when I was having lunch in a turkish restaurant today. 20 more words