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Best Fountain Pens

When growing up, fountain pen is something everyone wanted to write with. It was the dream for me and it still is. But lately, the dream has some criteria to meet. 939 more words

Writing Instruments

A Flowery Pencil Case and a Purple Metropolitan

A few weeks back some friends and I went to Reid’s Stationers to get started on our Christmas shopping. It was a lovely day and I wanted to share a couple of the items I bought for myself. 344 more words

My Pen Collection

Write Gear kicks retail butt.

This is a story of David and Goliath. It’s how a plucky little business who does what it loves managed to beat a major national corporation at its own game. 1,071 more words

So You Think You Want A Fountain Pen ...

And why not? Fountain pens are Teh Awesome. You go through life thinking these are okay writing utensils:

And really think you’re moving up in pen circles when you start using only Pilot G2s – which, admittedly, are the superior pen of choice for most offices. 848 more words

Pen & Paper Love

Lamy Vista

If there is anything about Lamy pens that is known to all, it has to be their experimental and unfaltering attitude towards pen making. One product that resonates with their determination has to be the… 399 more words


Rainbow time.

Because this morning needed a rainbow in it! Love these Stabilo 68 minis. 7 more words

Pen & Paper Love

Sketching in the city

On Saturday the Sydney Sketch Club held an event in the city. We started out near Hyde Park, and many of us went in to the park away from the traffic to sketch. 208 more words