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I opened one book after another at random today and, each time, my eyes fell on a section about bees. This is the natural result. Maybe I’ll look at a photo first next time!

Lamy Safari


First thing this morning, I mapped out a familiar plan. When I started trying to place the plumbing fixtures, I knew that I had to stop. 42 more words

Lamy Safari


What I did on return from a meeting this afternoon. Am going back there now as it’s time for bed anyway. (Only roused myself to make and post this.) I must need the rest!

Lamy Safari


Will color in but on another day….

Taking two lines for a walk

When I was at the library yesterday I found two drawing books that looked interesting. The one I want to touch on today is Drawing Projects: an exploration of the language of drawing… 569 more words

Meadow Scene

Only time for a super quick sketch. Now that I’ve done it and written that, I know these are the keys to confident developing. Walking the walk.

review: lamy safari

Way, way back in September, my friend got me a Lamy Safari. This is actually my first Lamy Safari: I’ve been in the fountain pen world for about three or four years! 782 more words