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This Week's Inked Pens

I end the week with slightly different pens and inks from when I started on Monday – the ink all up in my Kakuno feed just annoyed me too much, and if I was gonna flush that… Well, in for a penny, in for a pound haha. 56 more words

Pen & Paper Love

This Week's Inks

This week’s ink choices! Man this Metropolitan M is a fat line in comparison!

And the pens:

Pen & Paper Love

Lamy Safari 2013 Neon Yellow Fountain Pen - Review

All Measurements listed below were gotten from FPGeeks.com Check out there review of the Lamy Safari here: http://fpgeeks.com/2012/02/lamy-safari-fountain-pen-the-awesome-review/

Pen Class: Intermediate ($26 to $99) 375 more words

Fountain Pens

I may have caved and bought a smaller lined 4×6 Quo Vadis Habana notebook too. The big one was awfully big to carry around all the time. 34 more words

Pen & Paper Love

The New Hotness in a Moko Case

This new tablet case is just so fantastic. A murky, mottled dark gden orangey yellow. It’s a Moko Smart-shell Stand Case from Amazon.

Husband was helping to set up the device the morning I got it, and we were rushed cause stupid work had to happen. 61 more words

Fountain Pen

Mmm, early birthday goodies!

Bought this cheerful golden yellow blank Rhodiarama notebook over the weekend (with some other fun stuffs of course), and decided to try and use it as an art journal, since the Field Notes had such abysmal paper.

Pen & Paper Love